Saturday, May 24, 2008

All in a Days Work

While some folks went fishin' today

C and I labored in the garden. It was a warm and humid morning, but we had a few things we wanted to accomplish before the real summer heat sets in.

I spread cedar mulch around several beds, both to keep down the weeds and to hold in the moisture

I also pruned the Nandina and Pieris Japonica which had been obstructing the view from my sewing room out to the pool patio. Wish I had thought to snap a before picture, but here's how it looks now:

I planted some cucumber sets in my little patio veggie garden, and hope that I will be able to train them to grow up my butterfly trellis:

I also planted some marigolds in amongst my tomato plants:
Some folks took the afternoon off and read on the patio:

arggggh: the dreaded underline monster has returned!!!!!
For several months I have wanted to remove both the draperies and the blinds from these windows in my sewing room, and with the shrubberies pruned, what better day than today?

Here you can see I have the drapery on the right down and one window free of the blinds:

and here it is all finished:

I washed the windows and cleaned the energy left to tidy up my work table, but I wouldn't know where anything was if I did!

One last shot of the patio:

Hope you had a great day!


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Carol said...

Gosh, what energy you have, I don't blame C for having a break on the patio. Your workroom looks good without the curtains and blinds, can you leave it like that? do you need curtains for warmth in winter? I wish I'd known you in 2002, too. Wouldn't that have been fun. Maybe one day I'll get back to the States if old age doesn't get me first. I'm flat out making leather wrapped journals today - have made 20, another 30 to do before I go to NZ in a week. Easy if I can just keep my mind on it. xxoo