Thursday, May 29, 2008

OK, so I lie!

No sooner had I walked out of the den after completing my blog post for the day (stating that there would be no pictures) when I turned my head to take a peek out the livingroom slider and this is what I saw:

Aren't they just the sweetest!!

I know very little about deer, but I am assuming that these two are yearlings, recently booted out to make room for Mom's next litter. They were very cautious, but also very caring of one another, watching every move that I made:

I wish I had caught a picture of them as they ran off, white tails held high like flags. Most of our neighbors consider the White Tails to be pests as they really do a job on their gardens. They were headed for my hydrangea, which I am told, deer consider to be a delicacy, but C and I have the opinion that they were here before we were, so we are in fact invading their territory. I love to see them, think they are beautiful, and have never been a victim to their nibbling! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh: it was a joyous sight for me!

Here's numero quatro in my series:

The paper towels seem to lend themselves to poppyish flowers, so I am attempting to let them do their thing. I've torn the edges on these girls, and while I thought the lower right one would be the best, I am now thinking that the top flower is the best. What do you think???? I am particularly drawn to the vibrant colors in the top 'flower' but I don't like the size of the stitched cirlce (too large). I will try again......but I truly had not intended for these to be flowers: they have just grown into them all by their own selves! Please leave comments and let me know your honest thoughts!!!



Jeannie said...

Judy, I am really enjoying your paper towel series. The flowers each have their own personalities. The upper one reminds me of a poppy or anenome, the lower right, a petunia. I think it is the stitching on it that makes me think petunia or morning glory. A glorious garden anyway. Have a great weekend and enjoy the darling little deers.

Terry said...

We used to have deer in our yard when we lived in So. Oregon. I always loved them. So graceful and watchful. I shared your attitude about whose territory was being trespassed upon and was more than happy to share a few apples with them. Just having them around was a gift.

Carol said...

Watch out Satan! Here comes Judy... I can't believe you have deer in your garden! They're very pretty. I really like the attitude you and C have towards them but what does Barker think? I also like your circles very much, love the colours but I'm still amazed that you are using paper towels. Are they treated in some way, apart from the gorgeous paint, so they don't just disintegrate? I know you think you don't know much about bookbinding but I really know absolutely nothing about these fascinating things you do. Nearly ready to go to NZ. xxoo

Joyce said...

I like the top one the best too. I don't find the center too large and I love the way it is off center. I also like the way you have defined the petals on the bottom right one.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

What lovely animals. I had about the same sight in my backyard last summer in August, and I also put the pictures on my blog =)

I like the top flower.

Kram Eva

linda stokes said...

How lovely to have deer in your garden! We have bandicoots which also can cause problems by digging up things although they're quite small & cute. I enjoy seeing them despite the digging.
Your circle series is really developing, love the flowers.