Saturday, May 10, 2008

Photos of Finishes

I finished painting the trim on our outdoor shower last evening:

C now says that he feels like he's on a tropical vacation when he uses it! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!

My buddy Carol reminded me that I had never posted finished photos of our kitchen reno, so here you go! By the way, all of these pictures enlarge if you click on them. This one is looking from the pool patio door into the kitchen. We still have not had the painting done, as I wanted to wait a while and get the feel for the space before adding any color. So, on the little table at the end of the island are paint chips and a magazine with another paint color that I am liking.

This is a view taken almost in reverse of the one above:

This is a bit more detailed look at the sink/range/fridge area:

I love my little nook with the hot water kettle and to its left is the garage that houses the toaster, coffee grinder, blender, mixer, and food processor. Above on the lazy susan are things I use most often when cooking, like olive oil, sea salt, etc, and below on the other lazy susan are my cannisters of flour, sugar, measuring spoons and cups, etc. The top drawers to the left of the corner house my spices, and the large middle and lower drawers hold our most often used pots, pans, skillets, and their lids. This countertop is a nonporous, heat resistant, synthetic called Hannestone, and the backsplash is granite.

This is the wall opposite the island, housing the microwave and the second sink:
If I had had my druthers, I would have put the microwave over the other side of the kitchen, but C insisted on it being there, and some things just aren't worth an argument!

This is our view out to the pool patio and my perennial garden. There used to be draperies there, but I am thinking of leaving the windows naked as I love the added light and the view. What do you think?

On the left you can see the door out to the patio, but if you were to continue left, you would be in my sewing handy to the kitchen, with a beautiful view of the lake and both patios.

And here are the peonies I've just picked this morning (you can even see the dew still on the petals if you click on the picture!).......wish you could smell their lovely fragrance!

Happy Day!



Carol said...

Thanks Judy, the kitchen is wonderful. You'd have to want to cook in there, even I would. The blue and green of the outdoor shower are the exact colours of my hippy bus - we must have been visible from miles off, and yes, I can smell the peonies from here. Happy Mother's Day, I'm just off to the family lunch. XXOO

Joyce said...

Gorgeous kitchen. I would leave the curtains off. The only reason we have drapes is to keep out the summer heat. If nobody can look in what's the point of curtains?
Happy Mother's Day. We are off to our daughter's for dinner. She is hosting her brothers' families and us because she's the only one who is not a mother. Plus she loves to cook.

Terry said...

The kitchen looks great! I am pondering window coverings too. My new windows are so pretty I hate to cover them and I love the light.

Rayna said...

Yowie, zowie! GORGEOUS kitchen, Judy!! You have so much natural light there, I am jealous. Do not cover the windows. We don't have any window coverings in either the kitchen (well, it's a sliding glass door and we have those stupid verticals that came with the house - but we never, ever close them and they are coming down and staying down when we paint) or the livingroom. The outside, no matter what the season, is so beautiful.

imquilternity said...

Your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous! What a fantastic job of coordinating all the components. Hope you're having a great Mother's Day and I can't tell you how envious I am of your beautiful peonies. We don't have them out here in So. Cal.

PaMdora said...

wow, kitchen turned out great! and I love those outdoor fence colors, yummy!