Thursday, July 10, 2008

Oh Hail!

Remember the hail storm we had a few weeks ago?

About a week ago, we began having increased afternoon and evening rainstorms....and the roof of my beloved studio began to experience leaks: eeeeeeeeeeeeks! C and I both thought that it had something to do with the new gas heater we had had installed a few years ago, but after a couple of sessions of patching and yet more rain, the precip continued. Yesterday afternoon C called Pat, our kitchen reno contractor, and he and his crew showed up early this morning on their way to another job. They took one look at the roof and diagnosed it as "hail......hail yes". So, next week we get a new roof and a dry studio! WooHoo!!!

Here's the latest ComplexiTee:

Ladies long-sleeved size Large (but they run small, so I'd say it's a medium)

her posterior:

This can be yours for $55.

Please email me if you're interested!



Carol said...

I was just about to ask have you thought of selling your lovely Tees on Etsy when I looked to the right and saw your Etsy sign. Duh! Pleased to hear you'll get rid of that leak in the studio - last thing you need with all your beautiful stuff in there. I'm freezing here, and I know I'm a wimp but we don't get much really cold weather here in Sydney and I'm sick of it now.XXOO

Joyce said...

Leaky roof - not good. Love the newest tee. I have promised myself to do some dyeing thins summer but so far things have been just too hectic. The pace will slow in August so maybe then...

Diane said...

LOVE the tee--your back is as lovely as your front!!

Glad the roof is being replaced, I would hate for my work to be reworked without my input..


Eva Hagbjärn said...

Good that your roof will be repaired.
We have a roof that should have been repaired for three years now, but time goes by and nothing happens unfortunately =(

Love your tees!

xo Eva

Gerrie said...

Oh, if only I were a medium. Golly gee, I don't check in for a couple of days, and you have gone posting crazy. I can't keep up with your studio work. You are a dynamo.