Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gee But It's Great!

to be back home!

Our trip was loads of fun and I hated that I couldn't share my enthusiasm each and every day by posting on the blog, but we were just too darned busy having fun!

Trinity Park was just across the street from our hotel in Ft. Worth, and C and I managed to drag our weary butts out of bed every morning and take a walk along the river. We stumbled upon a colony of about 50 Wood Ducks on our first afternoon there and were astonished by their number and how tame they were. Of course, there was a gentleman feeding them (he says he's been doing that for 50+ years!), but nevertheless, I had never been able to get so close to one nor had I seen so many in one spot! If you have never had the opportunity to see a Wood Duck, here is the male:

He almost looks surreal, doesn't he? C and I would walk along the trails and talk, and then return to the hotel and join everyone else for breakfast.

We had tickets to see the Impressionist Exhibit at the Kimbel Museum on Saturday morning, so all hustled off to that..........fantastic!!! We were staying right in Ft. Worth's Cultural District, so it wasn't far to the museums. We lunched at the Museum of Modern Art and then took in the exhibits there, all meeting up together again in the evening. Some of us went to the Texas Rangers/California Angels baseball game.

Even though the Angels had already clinched first place in the division and the season is almost over, the game was nearly sold out. We ended up sitting in the nosebleed seats:

Could it have been because this followed the game?

Anyone who knows C, knows that he LOVES fireworks....and it was a Texas-sized display!

On Sunday morning some went to the Amon Carter museum, but my sister-in-law Molly and I went to a nearby quilt show. She is a real trooper, for she doesn't even quilt! We had a great time and enjoyed seeing the works of local quilters. Then we all joined up and headed to the Botanical Gardens. Here are the Three Sibs:

Craig, Carol, Chris

and here's the whole group, minus Carol, who took the picture

Jacinto, moi, Molly, Chris, Craig and Margarita

Speaking of whom, here she is getting a huge laugh out of all of us older folks:

Margaret was the only one of the nieces and nephews who could attend. She and her husband Julius live in New Jersey, and we were so glad that she took time out of her busy life to join us all.

I think Carol snapped this one of us during lunch at the Museum of Modern Art:

I'll close with that for tonight.

Here's a good link for all of us Obama supporters to enjoy!



Gerrie said...

We have wood ducks at the Rhodie garden. I love their very graphic markings. They leave to nest in wooded areas so we rarely see the babies.

Looks like you had a great time reuning with C's family.

Carol said...

Love seeing you in your gorgeous tees - I assume they are ones you've made? I did enjoy the Obama link, nearly made me cry. So much hope for us all on both sides of the planet. Peace, Hope, Change: Obama!!! XXOO

Eva Hagbjärn said...

What lovely pictures of you all, and it's nice to see you on them =)

Your tee’s colors goes nicely to your hair color ;-)

Your eyeglasses look very nice too. I assume that they are quite new?

Kramar Eva