Thursday, September 18, 2008

On the Road Again

We are on a wonderful Autumn trip through the Southland of the US, meandering along country roads, eating tasty Southern BBQ and taking in some of the fabulous architecture of the late E. Fay Jones.

C and I departed Gainesville yesterday morning, heading northwest to Sewanee, Tennessee home of the University of the South, or Sewanee by those who know and love her. We have many friends who have attended this university, but we had never visited there. Most recently we have become interested in the the architectural style of E. Fay Jones, and learned early on through our friend Robin that the Chapel of the Apostles at Sewanee was designed by Mr. Jones. The new dining hall at Sewanee has a marvelous reputation, so we stopped there first for a great lunch, and then on the the Chapel of the Apostles:

It was truly a spiritual experience for both of us.

and yes, that is a Casavant Freres organ, similar but smaller than ours at Grace Church!

the sun wasn't always shining while we were there, but when it was, the nave was breathtaking:

Similar to the style of Frank Lloyd Wright, Fay Jones designed many of the furnishings in his homes and chapels, including these magnificent yet simple chairs in the narthex of the Chapel of the Apostles:

........and did I mention Barbecue???? Well, yes, there is always that cross to bear when one travels with C! We just happened to pass through Lexington, Tennessee, the home of whole hog barbecue, and also Scott's:

and boy, were we lucky! This joint opens at 9:00 AM and closes at 6:00 PM sharp! We arrived at 5:35 and felt blessed to score a couple of pulled pork sandwiches with slaw on top:

that was mine, with a side of delicious potato salad.
This is C's, with a side of baked beans:

and, oh yes: he had the LARGE sandwich! It was mighty good!

We drove on to Memphis, where we spent the night.




Gerrie said...

What a gorgeous chapel! I have always wanted to visit Sewanee. That pulled pork sandwich looks so good - with slaw on top - the only way to eat NC bbq!

Have fun!

Sherri said...

If you ever make it back to Sewanee, be sure to check out the campus at St. Andrew's-Sewanee School, too. It has a very different architecture from the University - Spanish colonial with stuccoed walls and red tile roofs and a lovely little Chapel that was constructed in 1915. You can take a virtual tour here - The Chapel is #2.