Saturday, October 11, 2008

Here and There in Midtown

As is our custom, we had a nice long walk through our Midtown 'hood this morning, dropping by the Green Market at Piedmont Park for breakfast pastries and then heading up to Caribou at 10th and Piedmont for some coffee. I picked up my monthly edition of Skirt and was amused by the above cartoon.

Later we were off to MetroFresh for the Saturday Soup Sale (got some yummy Ablondigas for our lunch) and also Trader Joes. Jeannie had mentioned to me that she finds these irresistable, so we just had to get some to verify the facts:

She's right, but if you doubt both of our words, then get some and check 'em out! YUMMMM

When we arrived at the condo last night, we found this notice slipped under our door:

We were excited because we'd never been here for window washing day. It happens four times a year and I just couldn't wait to snap some pics of the guys repelling down in front of my livingroom windows!

Here's a rather unattractive pic of our building, so you can see why we need our windows washed quarterly by professionals:

Well, the winds were quite high (gusts of up to 22 mph), so unfortunately the window washing was postponed....we'll miss it again! DRAT!!!

While we were enjoying our soup and salad lunch, we had our door to the patio open and heard a loud crash. When we looked out we saw this:

At the top right, you can see a patio table upside down in the pool, with its glass top lying on the patio (fortunately not broken to smithereens in the pool!). At the lower right is a patio chair upended in the pool. The gusts are even higher this evening. YIKES!!

When we walked the 'hood this morning, we were excited to see that work has finally begun on the lovely home that got all topsy turvey last Spring. The tarp has been removed from the top, and workers are installing new beams and whatever else (I suppose a new roof might be in order?) to make it once again liveable. As I was snapping the pic, these two damsels rode between me and the house....welcome to Midtown! LOL It's a fun and funky place to live!

Further along on our walk, C spotted this doggie friend eyeing us (and Barker) as we passed by. Can you spot him literally hanging out the window?

C snapped this pic of me and my pooch..........he's a keeper (well, both C and Barker!)!!



Shirley Goodwin said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog, Judy- I see we have quite a bit in common! Wonderful big white poodles, good music, we read many of the same blogs...and have the same opinion of Sarah Palin. Not my election of course, but we sure get to hear about it.

Yes I am inclined to speak my mind at times, not because I'm trying to stir things up but because I was really surprised at the criticism of QA. Maybe we just don't have the same range of magazines here, but I love QA and never fail to find things to excite me.

Carol said...

What a lovely couple you make! I've just had a happy/scary time reading all your links in your last post - I knew there was a reason I'd always loved Garrison Keillor, and as for That Woman! Keep praying Judy, she has to be stopped. I'd better email you or this will be too long and too anguished. XXOO