Monday, November 17, 2008

Here, There, and Everywhere

We spent a couple of days at the condo, and woke up the other morning to this incredible sky:

you can see Stone Mountain jutting up in the middle of the horizon. C tells me that the dew point is right there at the level of the clouds, whatever all that means! I just know that the sky was very pretty and I was glad that I had the opportunity to view it!

I had a wonderfully successful trip (read: $$$) to Knitch where I purchased cashmere yarn for fingerless gloves for myself and also a scarf for moi. Later we met up with some condo friends to enjoy a Preview tour of the new Terracotta Army exhibit at the High. What a great show!!! It boggles my mind to think about the incredible technology that the people of such early times had. The detail of their work is amazing. I particularly enjoyed the etchings on their containers. If you are local and have a chance, please make a point to see this exhibit! It was decidedly cooler when we departed the High, and the wind was whipping down Peachtree as we walked to a wonderful dinner at Tap. I enjoyed their roasted salmon on a bed of spaetzle: YUMMMM! C and our friends had the mussels.........I'm afraid that no mussels will ever compare to the incredibly fresh Penn Cove mussels Gerrie and I enjoyed while in Coupeville last summer, so I don't even bother to try them.

The next morning we had a huge surprise when we went out to walk Barker: the temp had dropped at least 20 degrees from the previous morning AND the wind was still blowing fiercely. But Barker does require a good morning walk (and so do we!), so we were all better for it! We stumbled upon a yard sale (what? 34 degrees and a Yard Sale?). This group of SCAD (Savannah College of Art & Design) students had decided to postpone their Saturday sale because of the threat of showers (see sky pictures above) and were holding their sale in the frigid Sunday morning air! I could have purchased almost every piece that they were offering, but I was trying to control myself. I did score these wonderful concrete pieces made by Tina Han:

My first thought was how lovely they would look on our condo walls, as they are in the right color scheme (some of our pillars and our ceiling are concrete) and they are just so cool! Then I started thinking about printing with them....and how lovely the dye/paint colors remaining on them would look when they hang on the walls. Tina has started a website, which you can view here. She is a very talented sculptress and a warm and friendly young lady.

As we were leaving the yard sale, one of Tina's guy friends approached us to offer a cd of his band's music. I never did catch his name, but he told me that he is the songwriter and also plays the guitar for the group. I love the cd jacket:

We came home to enjoy another choral offering at our church: The Lanier Chamber Singers presented their concert: "My Heart Rejoices". This group is composed of professional music folks from the area, and they are quite phenomenal, performing without accompaniment and all having fabulous voices. C and I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to hear them several times throughout the year.

Before I head out to my sewing room, I thought I'd leave you with a few pictures of a Pileated Woodpecker that has been hanging out around our house for the past few days. We often see and hear these great birds nearby, but aren't always so lucky to view them so closeup.

These pics are a bit grainy because I set the camera speed up and also had to zoom in. But they are still pretty good shots, for me anyway! If you go to the link of the bird, you can hear his/her call.....quite distinctive and amazing! I do love them. When they are courting, they often do a dance around the base of a tree........very fun to watch!



Gerrie said...

There you are - having so much fun, doing things, while I stay at home, baby sitting and quilting and cooking for Mr C. Oh, well. I have seen that exhibit in SF. It is amazing. I had Mixed sea shells pasta on Friday night - the mussels were great and I was remembering how many we had when we were in Coupeville. Mr C had mussels with putanesca sauce. (I think I spelled that wrong!)

Gerrie said...

PS: Of course I love the art work with the cruciforms.

Carol said...

I'm so envious of your woodpeckers and I just loved hearing them, especially the tapping at the end. I'm so sorry your quilt sale fell through but I guess there's going to be less money to go round now. Sounds like it's getting quite chilly your way, while we are having a bit of respite after some very hot weather. There's smoke around from local bushfire brigades burning off undergrowth in hope of reducing bushfires later in the season. People complain about the smoke but surely after seeing the dreadful fires in LA we should just be grateful. Oh, and I love that wildly coloured yarn and look forward to seeing you wearing the socks. XXOO

Joyce said...

We really wanted to see the terra cotta army when we were in China but didn't make it. I am surprised that they are touring.

Anonymous said...

Hi Judy, I just love all your pics, and knitting info. I think I have seen these woodpeckers in our backyard, they are big and so beautiful, and loud. I'm so sorry about the quilt sale. If I had money I would buy it. My pillows are just not selling this year. Only sachets and small lavender pillows. I did sell two tea cozies and my child's apron, but thats it. I really think people are not spending. It's hard for us Artsy types to make a go,of it during these economic times. But we like what we do, and can't imagine not being creative, I suppose that in itself is our reward. Are you going the the tea at church on closing day? Love Becky

Rayna said...

Uh - excuse me - who is the busy one in this crowd???? You're non-stop, dear. Ah - to be young again like you!

Hey - Glorious Knits is DATED? I still have my copy, which I bought around 1980...and still have the sweater I made with all my odds and ends of yarn. The funny thing is that I thought all of those patterns would make great quilts...

Judy said...

Notice how I sort of danced around the dated bit about Glorious Knits...I think the models (especially Kaffe) look dated, but the patterns are timeless. And yes, it is amazing how he later incorporated so many of his knitting designs into quilts! He is a master....but then you are right up there with him my dear!!!