Friday, December 19, 2008

31 and Some Fun!

Can you believe we've made it down to 31??? It's getting exciting!

Yesterday was my friend Bobbie's birthday, so we got together today to celebrate over a wonderful lunch at Seasons 52. It was great fun because we could order lots of small plates and share them...........and then enjoy a sumptuous dessert!

If you haven't had the pleasure of eating at a Seasons 52, and there is one near you, by all means give it a try! All of their food is very fresh, and the menu changes with the seasons. This is the first week of their winter menu, and we enjoyed the Ripe Plum Tomato Flatbread as a starter.

We shared a small plate of Housemade Sonoma Goat Cheese Ravioli plus another of roasted golden beets with wasabi cream sauce as our main course.

And then there was the dessert 'tray' unique, huh?

We both chose the Mocha Macchiato, which closely resembles Tiramisu.

.........and Bobbie blew out her candle on the first try! What fun we had!!! Thanks Bobbie, for your great friendship and for introducing me to a wonderful new dining experience!

Our daughter's office is actually quite close to Seasons 52, so I dropped by there for a visit after leaving Bobbie.

Kristin is an engineer for Georgia Power and presently works in the distribution end of the business. She has always had a huge love of all maps, so it was not surprising to see how closely her line of work deals with maps...........there were maps everywhere in her office and in the entire work place!

The other thing that I found interesting was her little display of found objects: two old insulators and then some other 'electric things' (my term, not hers!) that she found interesting. Man oh man wouldn't I love to get my hands on that old verdigreed copper wiring!

My fruitbowl, with an added acorn why is it that I have another cold? Look how much fruit we consume!

Christmas confections: sugared pecans to give as hostess gifts:

MMMMMMMMM: they're yummy!!!!



Carol said...

31 days, fantastic! Loved the look of the food. And I collect insulators! They used to be left lying on the roadside by the power poles - now they sell in junk and collectible shops. Happy Christmas to you all. Woof woof! XXOO

Patsy said...

Happy Christmas Judy.
I received your PIF yesterday, Thank You so much. I had quite forgotten about it!!!!

Elizabeth said...

And now we are down to 27!!!!! I can't wait till we get beyond this disaster of a President and can start to recover and care for all the messe that were created !! I am so upset about what many are having to go thru because of what has been done!! I am thrilled to have found you!! I worked very hard on The VA campaign and it really was amazing, Now I am focusing back on my art!! I am also of Swedish heritage- grandparents!! Have a wonderful Christmas!!!