Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Nineteen: The Party Scene

We had our annual Boxing Day (a day late) party last Saturday, with friends and family joining us for a bit of post holiday fellowship and food. C and I supply the meat, bread, and wine, and ask that others bring either a dessert, veggie or hors d'oeuvre. The turnout was great and the food was incredible, as always! As you can see, it was a lovely evening, and folks spilled out onto the patio to enjoy the late afternoon light on the lake:

Two party animals:

Obviously a deep theological discussion is taking place:

notice Polly's lovely white slacks in the above photo, now check out her new snazzy ensemble below:

it seems that there was a bit of red wine dyeing going on!!!

another philosophical discussion:

John is not believing one word of Joe's 'line', but at least John is smiling!

Durwood and Bobbie:

the most fun is always in the kitchen:

and this is definitely a party kitchen!!

more kitchen kibbitzing:

Sue, Jo, Kimberly, Bill (what is it with Bill, Ron?) and Ron:

Elizabeth and Yours Truly:

Thanks to Sheila for snapping so many great pics!



Anonymous said...

Hi Judy -

The pictures captured the happy mood at the party! I'm glad you posted them.

We're sending lots of wishes for a very Happy New Year with good health and lots of creativity.

Barbara and Chuck

Barbara said...


Looks like everyone had a great time.

It does look like the most fun was had in your beautiful kitchen.

Peace and Happy New Year!


komodori said...

Sweets, it was a wonderful party and I'm delighted to see Sheila took such good snaps. Great food, a lovely time, happy revelers, generous and loving hosts. Thanks again!
Isn't it exciting to be counting down the hours and minutes until we can sigh & cry "good riddance?!"

Diane said...

Happy New Year! As always, a smashing success!!


Eva Hagbjärn said...

Seems like you had a fun party.
Happy New Year!
Kram Eva