Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fabulous Friday

While C and I were taking a little stroll with Barker, I came across this lovely heart pendant lying on the sidewalk

I am sorry that someone lost it, but I am so happy that I found it and it wasn't crushed to smithereens! (I wonder about that word, smithereens........where in the world did it come from?)

Anna has gotten me totally addicted to Zentangles. I sat down this morning and spent about a half hour semi meditating and creating this one:

The weather has turned cold again..........and it is so windy!! BRRRRRR! We ran some errands this afternoon, and C dropped me off here for about a half hour of fiber bliss:

I just had to include the above shot so that you could enjoy the "Kong's Body Shop" sign! It always gives us a laugh.

But seriously, I spent 30 minutes in heaven, just fondling the fiber, admiring the fabulous trims, and checking out the incredible buttons!

If you are still basking in the wonderment of last week's Inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama, you may want to go here for further enjoyment.



Michele said...

What a lovely little find! Aren't zentangles addictive? I've drawn some really cool ones and someday want to design a quilt around them (another item on my ever-expanding to-do list!).

Eva said...

In a way, my painting follows the Zentangle principle, doesn't it? Also very rewarding and maybe also Zentangle: The use of the fractal principle. The parts look like the whole thing. Example: A leaf looks like the whole tree and the whole tree has the shape of the leaf. Or you take a tiny square and build up a row of the double size, then 4x, 8x etc.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Even though I’ve never tried it my self, I think that this Zentangle will be addicting when you once have started. It seems to be like a jigsaw puzzle. Once you started you have to finish it. I like your Zentangle drawing. You are so talented with what ever you are doing!

Smithereens are a little bit like the Swedish word for the same thing – småbitar. (The å is pronounced similar to the vowel in saw). Little things =)
xo Eva

Elizabeth said...

Oh I just adore found treasures!! think of it this way you saved it from oblivion!!!
I really envy you ahving a wonderful store like Gails to linger in !! Could be very dangerous!!

Jeannie said...

What a beautiful heart it reminds me of the stencils you did. The zentangles are fantastic. So what did you purchase? Hope you have a great Sunday. Cheers.

Judy said...

Elizabeth: I felt exactly that if I had rescued that darling little heart from oblivion! It is lovely.

Jeannie: Yes, it does look like my heart stencils, and the wonderful heart pin that Molly gave me. Coincidental and serendipitous!
Sadly, I didn't purchase one single thing at Gail K's!!! C is afraid that I am contributing to the current recession! I will make up for it next time I'm there. I was looking for something specific and believe it or not, they didn't have it!

Thanks for your comments everyone!