Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Wilfreda Revealed

This is the gal I've been spending most of my free time with lately:

I've named her Wilfreda.
I've always loved Gerrie's granddog's name, Wilfredo, so decided to name this chick in his honor!

My Wilfredo measures approximately 17 x 25" and is composed of collaged and machine quilted monoprinted and commercial fabrics. Her waddle and beak are painted, embroidered and heat treated Tyvek, her eyes are antique buttons, her comb and tail are pipe cleaners wrapped in various fibers, and her legs are Mountain Laurel twigs wrapped in more fibers. Her toe nails are painted with Quinacridone Magenta acrylics, and her wings are composed of pipe cleaners and threads quilted with water soluble Sulky. Wilfreda was inspired by Elizabeth's wonderful Muse Birds.
I also need to credit Elizabeth with the wrapped pipe cleaner idea, and Robin with the suggestion of using Mountain Laurel twigs for the legs...they are perfect!

Here is a detail shot of her head and neck:

this is her tail, including one or two wrapped pipe cleaners that Elizabeth sent along:

and here are her darling little legs and feet:

Wilfreda was so much fun to create!!! I wanted to donate a fibery thing to the Gainesville State College Foundation Auction but was having trouble creating this. Everything I did seemed to feel and look wrong......until just the other day when she began to emerge. In reading others' blogs, I derive great comfort in knowing that they also struggle, and I am no longer defeated when my first attempt doesn't suit me. This was too much fun!!!



Eva said...

She's funny. She has hairy legs!
I had no idea what to do with these worms. You did.
About struggling: It is part of creativity, I think. Because if you do what has not been done before, it is a risk. But it is necessary; to do what is safe is not creative.

Elizabeth said...

Well YOU SURE DID!! She is SOMMMMME Chicken!! What style what color what wings tail and legs!! I do love her wattle- using tyvek was pure brilliance!!
Great job!!

Gerrie said...

I love it. Yes, the tyvek is perfect. You must stretch your self and do the work to grow. I think you are very good at that.

Rayna said...

Good grief, I never would have guessed what this would turn out to be. LOL.

Jeannie said...

I'm with Rayna! I didn't have a clue as to what you were creating, but she is wonderful! Isn't it fun to play!

Joyce said...

Very cute! I find with this kind of work, you just have to keep moving things around and adding things until it suddenly looks right. This one turned out great!

Michele said...

She's adorable! I love that you used so many different materials on her.

komodori said...

She turned out beautifully. You amaze me. It was a great treat getting to observe you in process.