Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Spring!

It was a bit of a grey morning when I snapped this pic of my forsythia, but they have been gorgeous this past week, adding even more cheer to our lovely weather. Happy Spring Everybody!!!

Here are a couple more scarves that have recently come out of my steamer:

I love, love, love the combination of red and violet, don't you!!!

a detail shot:

Another yummy one:

Spring obviously appeals to me! Between the time change and the warmer weather and increased sunshine, I could spend all day dyeing!



Eva Hagbjärn said...
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Eva Hagbjärn said...

Happy spring to you too!!!
Lovely scarfs as usual =)
The forsythia is just gorgeous. Our spring has started to show up more and more each day here too, and this past week have been very sunny and warm, but today it's grey, cold and tedious.


Joyce said...

I love the circles on the purple one. Did you sew them or tie them or use resist?

Jeannie said...

Beautiful scarves, especially the purple one with the circles. We had summer here yesterday 72 degrees and I was ready to dig ou the dyes! Now back to reality and 50. Have fun!

Karoda said...

Happy Spring right back at cha! The first one, is it your "yes we did" scarf? :) If so, wear it with your Obama lapel pin because I know you have one.