Saturday, March 14, 2009

Oh the Places We've Been!

C and I have been busy out on the town, and now we are home for a few days of R&R! We went to a fabulous organic wine tasting at ecco, one of our favorite Midtown restaurants with some friends the other night. The wines were all excellent, the hors oeuvre's were out of this world and the conversation was great (one friend had just returned from a trip to Paris, so that alone was enough to keep us busy all evening)! If you haven't been to ecco, you really need to experience it: fabulous food and incredible service, not to mention the lovely atmosphere. After the wine tasting, we enjoyed "13th of Paris" at the Horizon. We wholeheartedly disagree with the AJC's review: it was a very good play! The next day, we caught up on some reading and then headed over to the Dekalb Farmers Market, where we loaded up on veggies and the fixins for this. YUMMMM! That night we caught up with some more good friends and enjoyed dinner at P'cheen. Our friends tried to convince us that P'Cheen has the best mussels in Atlanta, but we are very fond of those at Top Flr, so maybe we'll have to sample them both again in order to make our final decision. What a tough job lies ahead of us!!

Last week I dyed this piece of silk yardage. Of course you all know how much I love the salt effect, and I know how much you all love the salt effect, so I guess this picture makes us all very, very happy!!!

I sewed up this little silk top this afternoon, using my yardage.

I think I rather like it!

This is the back........almost looks like a landscape, doesn't it?

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Elizabeth said...

You two are quite the social ones!! What fun!
I love your fabric and I love the silk top!!
Enjoy your Sunday!!

Gerrie said...

You are having too much fun and still have time to dye and sew. Waaaaa! I am such a drudge. I wanna have some fun, too.

The shirt is bootiful!!

Anonymous said...

Your white bean stew looks very much like fabada from Asturias. Just switch the shrimp for blood sausage. Yum! (For when you go to Spain...)

Eva said...

What a beautiful thing! And the landscape is just gorgeous.

Joyce said...

The silk top looks gorgeous and I'm sure it feels absolutely decadent. Are you keeping it for yourself?

connie said...

Sounds like a really fun couple of days. I love the fabric. It is really and keep using the salt. :-)

Jeannie said...

Oooh, I can only imagine how spectacular you look and feel in that new blouse. The sherbet scarf is gorgeous and I am going to try out the stew this week. It sounds so good and just what a winter/spring day needs. Have a great week! Cheers

Carol said...

Gorgeous silk. Also loved the look of the stew and asked a couple of questions about it on the food site. XX

Karen - An Artist's Garden-Studio said...

The back of the silk top is lovely - It has a Japanese feel to it.