Thursday, May 28, 2009

Names & Faces

This will be another primarily pictorial post. Classes are over and the seminar has begun. More on that later........maybe tomorrow?

I passed this bus several times a day, going to and from my classes. I thought you might enjoy it!

and this wonderful car, covered with mosaics, was sitting in the parking lot outside of our classroom:

wonder what kind of gas mileage it gets?

We had 'show and tell' yesterday afternoon at the close of class, and I tried to get photos of most of my classmates, with some of their work.


Here is Ruthie Powers. She is not in my class, but came to visit. I loved her shirt and had to snap a picture of her.
This is Mary Ellen.....looks like she has a split personality, or something, doesn't it? She does wonderful work!

Ramona sat next to Mary Ellen, and somehow I never got her picture. Sorry Ramona!

This is, of course, Kerr Grabowski, our fantastic teacher:

This is Katie:
As you can see, Katie is very young, extremely prolific and creative in her art work, and we all wanted to mother her!

This is Karen:
Here is Jean, our teacher's assistant. I love, love, love this woman and apologize for not getting a better picture of her.

This is my buddy Georg!
I sat across the table from Diana Parkes, a delightful New Zealander. I loved the work Diana did, and found it difficult to post only one picture to share.
Here is Diana:
This is a beautiful piece of work done by another of my good buddies, Deborah. Sadly, I don't have her picture.
This is Darlene, describing some of her beautiful pieces:
This is Dana, an artist from Canada:
Another picture of Dana.......she is always smiling and peaceful!

This is Ann, another of my tablemates. I loved this first piece that she created!



connie said...

What fun and what wonderful things all of you produced.

Ro Bruhn said...

This workshop looks wonderful, the works in this post and your earlier ones are fabulous. Love the mosaic car too, not sure what happens if they ever have a crash.

Carol said...

Great stuff. I think one day I'll have to give it a go.

Elizabeth said...

Great pictures, great art, great car and I hope hope hope that you found out where we can get one of those shirts!!! MUST HAVE ONE!!!!


Hope that you and Craig have a great time exploring!!!!

Eva said...

What a wonderful opportunity! I wish I had been there -- well, in a way I was, thank you, Judy! Being among the group, watching the teacher and seeing what is being created is the best way to develop art, better than the best books.

A Fiber Frolic said...

How inspiring everyone's pieces are! Life is good especially when you are making art. Want to see all your stuff. : )
A query for you . . . the name of a seamstress you talked about once . . . right here in Gainesville. She was someone you were considering teaming up with. You'd produce the fabric, she'd make the garments.
Could I have her name and number?

PaMdora said...

Glad to see your class photos, you're going to go home with some fabulous stuff. My friend took a class from Kerr last summer and she loved it, so can kind of imagine what you're up to. Looks like a great set of classmates too!