Friday, June 12, 2009


Anesthesia is like a fickle lover: it leads you on and then it dumps you! I was riding high until mid afternoon yesterday and then plummeted into the bowels of hell. Well, not quite that bad, but it wasn't pretty and I'm happy to say that I've reemerged, feeling better. Tomorrow will be a new and even better day, I'm sure of it! Thanks to you all for your wonderfully supportive emails. They have really, really helped!

Belle Armoire arrived today to keep me company with loads of ideas and lots of eye candy. I love this Vogue Jacket by Jane B. Houck:

sorry, but Blogger was at it again: you'll have to turn either your monitor or your head to view these images right side up.

I snapped these pics on my diningroom table and was intrigued by how similar the color scheme of the jacket is with that of the table runner I dyed a couple of years ago.

A few weeks back, I showed the next pic and asked your opinion on how I could improve "Pieces of Grace".
Here is what I've done thus far:

I created a freezer paper stencil of a cross and then used Shiva paint sticks to add the gold color. It still didn't seem like enough, so I couched golden yellow perle cotton with metallic gold thread over the edges of the cross. I had intended to bead the edges of the quiltlet yesterday, but decided that I needed to get some better beads. I haven't attached the yellow perle cotton yet, but I am thinking that I may do so rather loosely along the rusted tin.

Hope you've had a great day!



Jeannie said...

The cross really adds a lot of interest to Amazing Grace. Nicely done!

TextileTraveler said...

Judy, hugs and best wishes for a speedy recovery!

Anonymous said...

I hope your sinus problems will be solved forever and that you continue to feel better. I, too, like the cross on Amazing Grace.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Yes, today it's a broad new day and I hope you are feeling much better.

About your pictures (don't know if I'm able to explane what I mean):
Have you previewed them in "your documents"/"owner window before you publish them? Because there you are able to rotate them into the right angle.


Joyce said...

I hope each day sees you feeling better and better. Belle Armoire will help I'm sure!

Elizabeth said...

Yikes- that sounds gross- considering the surgery- poor you!!! So glad to hear that it is better today!!
i think what you ahve done with Grace will be wonderful!! Add some great beads to emphasize the connectivity of the cross and it will sing!!! Uniting all of the images will be terriific!!
Big goop-free hugs!!

Beverly said...

Take care of yourself, don't push it too hard. I'm glad it went well, and hope it gives you the relief you need.

I like what you've done with Pieces of Grace- can't wait to see the final result.