Sunday, July 05, 2009


I hope you enjoyed a fabulous Fourth, if you reside here in these United States. If not, I hope your July 4th was terrific. Barker, C and I mosied on down to our local Starbucks to enjoy our morning coffee and New York Times, and were surprised to find the outside deck almost full of Peachtree Road Race 'groupies' (spouses or family members waiting for their loved ones to finish the race....but at that point the race hadn't even started!). [C and I have run our fair share of Peachtrees (easily 25, and we do have the t-shirts!), but we're now challenged with sun issues, so we have opted out of this party.] We were able to snag one remaining table on the Starbucks patio, and enjoyed our morning ritual, accompanied by a phone call from K & D, who are still in Croatia).

I did some beading (no pics to share) and some reading and a bit of knitting and then we went out for an early dinner at the Woodfire Grill on Cheshire Bridge Road. C is a real foodie and subscribes to many Atlanta food blogs, so he had heard that the owner/chef of the Woodfire was smoking a whole hog on the 4th. It all sounded too good to be true, so he phoned ahead and made reservations. IT WAS FANTABULOUS!!!! Check out the menu for July 4th: it was so great!!! We got back to the condo in time to take Barker for a nice long walk before the fireworks began, and he was pretty fine throughout: hanging out in our bedroom.

As for the fireworks, they were awesome! Our condo is on the 14th floor, so we were able to see above most buildings around us, and Stone Mountain was in our view to the east. There were displays at Lenox (to the north) plus an incredible number to the east (was that Decatur or perhaps Avondale Estates?), plus numerous in the neighborhoods between the aforementioned and ours. We had opted to dine out early so that we would have ample time to walk Barker and get him settled before the festivities began. We didn't want to leave him alone during the boom-booms!

So, it was a win/win situation: we were able to enjoy MANY fireworks shows while Barker had us there with him during an otherwise trying time.

Here are a few of the pics I snapped from the condo.....please bear in mind that we were many miles away.



Carol said...

How nice of you both to stay in with Barker during the Ka-booms. So hard for dogs and cats but it seems Barker had the best 4th of July possible. It must have been wonderful to see all those different firework displays, even if from a distance.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

What a spectacular July 4th!
Our national day here in Sweden, June 6th, is a joke comparing to yours :/