Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Friends: Old and New

Today my long time friend Amanda joined me for some soy wax fun. She hadn't used the stuff before, and since I had, we thought it would be fun to enjoy a play day together. Neither of us can recall exactly how we got to know eachother or how long ago it was, but we first met when she gave me my very first lesson in fabric dyeing in her wonderful studio. We had a great time, I learned a lot, and we have a good time when we get together. So here's Amanda adding some soy wax to a piece of cotton using one of my old and faithful wooden tjaps.

And here are the two gorgeous pieces that she went home with!

Now this fellow isn't exactly what I'd call an old or new friend, but the artist who created this likeness of Barker is indeed a new friend. James Allen is a local artist who has some horrible retinal affliction, and unless he gets it taken care of, he will lose his eyesight! How dreadful, huh? No problem, you say? Have the surgery, you urge? Well, think again! This man has no health insurance and thus does not have the luxury to just sign on for the expensive procedure he needs done in order to maintain his vision. So, in order to gain some extra cash, James is doing these wonderful pencil sketches from photographs for a mere $100! He doesn't have a website, but if you'd like to contact him, leave me a comment, and I'll furnish you with his email address. James is a delightful guy, and I know you would enjoy helping him out....you'd feel good and you'd get something in the bargain!!



Eva said...

I hope that the USA will have a public health assurance quite soon! Giving 15% of your salary for getting everything necessary done (European system) is not a bad idea. Hoping for a solution to be found for Mr Allen.

Carol said...

I hope you have public health soon too. Especially after hearing this story. As I said somewhere else, that's a lovely portrait of Barker. Those pieces of fabric Amanda printed are very pretty, looks like you both had a lot of fun.

Joyce said...

Isn't working with friends the most fun! I'll be doing that later today.

Elizabeth said...

I want to be sitting in Amanda's chair!!!!!! beautiful dyed pieces!!
This is exactly why we must pass Obama's Health Care Plan with a Public Option!!!! I ahve been writing e-mails everyday to all of the congress!!! Yes we Can!!! What a wonderful drawing of Barker- such talent!! We must save this man's eyes!!!

Big Hugs!

Corryna Janssen said...

How wonderful to have a day like that with your friend. At friday I will have a same sort of play day with Sandra, Emmy, Willy, Jacqueline, Annette and Laura. That will be fun to. Even if all the experiments will fail :-).
Thank you for sharing your fun day.