Saturday, October 24, 2009

Here, There and Everywhere

I've finally had a bit of time to play with my new laptop, and figure out the WebCam feature. I won't share the photos I've taken of myself just yet, but here's one of Barker relaxing in the condo....and as you can see, we've got the Tech/Virginia football game on the TV.

This afternoon we went to see "Around the World in Eighty Days" at the Balzer Theater in downtown Atlanta. I really loved the show: James Donadio was a real hoot, and of course Tom Keyes was fantastic!

Tomorrow I am heading out to another dream class: 5 days of Shibori with Jan Myers-Newbury at Nancy Crow's Barn! WooHoo!!!! Yes, I know: I am one lucky girl!!! :-) I hope I'll have lots of pictures and info to share.



Jeannie said...

Barker looks pretty intent on the game! Have a wonderful in Ohio! I am so envious!

Beverly said...

Oh, I am jealous- that will be a wonderful week. Can't wait to see picturs from it!

Gerrie said...

Two of my friends are there - Carol Heist is in my High Fiber Diet group and Karen Rips is in my 12 X 12 group. Tell Jan that I am responsible for at least half of the class beign there!! LOL

Diana said...

Have a great time at the Barn! (I'm wishing I was going now.) :)

Carol said...

Beautiful Barker! OOXX to him.