Friday, December 04, 2009

A Fine Time Was Had!

I've been dyeing up a storm, but most of it I cannot show you, as some of you may be the recipients of the aforementioned sessions!

This, however, I will reveal:

I am totally in love with this fabric. It is from Thai Silks, and I cannot give you anymore details than that. It does have a bit of lycra in it, and it dyes like a charm! The above piece is one that I was playing with, in hopes of making a top for myself, and I think it will work! If it does, you can be sure that I'll post pics of it right here!!

Here's a scarf that I made with some of the same silk:

The selvedge is very interesting in itself, and takes the dye pretty well. I decided to leave the selvedge on, and then I roll-hemmed the other cut edge with my serger.

Here's the selvedge:

and here's my rolled hem:

and here are my Snow Drops!

I thought they were supposed to show their adorable little faces in January or February: what happened?
I am pleased to see that they have multiplied over the past I see results of the fish emulsion fertilizer I oh-so-lovingly doused them with last summer!




Joyce said...

That is gorgeous fabric. Is it a knit? It certainly has an interesting texture. I'll be watching for the top. If it has lycra in it, it should make a very comfortable top.

Jeannie said...

Wow! Gorgeous eye candy! My winter cyclamens have popped their leaves up and I am sure they are regretting it because it is nasty cold here. Have fun this weekend and thanks for showing the wonderful fabric. Cheers.

Carol said...

The fabric is just stunning as usual, and your rolled hem and selvedge are a great match. So nice to see your Snow Drops - we see them in early spring in Sydney. I'll plant some in autumn to start getting them established - I didn't see any in our new garden this winter. OOXX

Jane LaFazio said...

LOVE that scarf!!