Saturday, January 16, 2010

In the Mailbag

My mailbag has been more than generous over the past few days and I am eternally grateful!

First, I must share with you this picture of my two great (and I mean GREAT) nephews, Jabo and Iker:

aren't they two of the most handsome guys you've ever laid your eyes upon!

And my blogger buddy Elizabeth sent me this wonderful eyeglass leash

Isn't it cool?!!!! Everyone who has seen it is, first of all, chartreuse (and a little bit red) with envy and secondly says that it is just sooooo me!!! The colors are absolutely perfect, and I cannot thank you enough Elizabeth! As you can see, some of the beads were handmade by Elizabeth, which means even more to me!

Two very meaningful flics that we've watched this week: "Uncounted" and "By the People: the Election of Barack Obama"..........go get 'em at Netflix!



Eva said...

The kids are adorable indeed. And so is the leash! I made some out of small beads. I found out it is important that a leash is as light as possible.

Carol said...

Just caught up with the last four posts, all that beautiful scenery (and Barker) and your divine Shibori. I've been nurturing a migraine for about 4 days so it's lovely to indulge in your gentle writing and photos. XXOO