Saturday, February 27, 2010

For the Birds

We leave today for five days of birding in Central Florida, where I am hoping to visit some lovely natural settings and very colorful birds. One of my all-time favorites is this Purple Gallinule, which I have only seen once, but it was indeed a treat.

I am bringing along my binoculars (of course!), camera (most definitely!), sketch pad, watercolors, plus silk and threads in hopes of doing some Shibori hand stitching, a few books to read, and of course my laptop: am I being optimistic in thinking that I will find a cozy spot where I can access the internet and read my favorite blogs?

I hope you all will be good and behave yourselves in my absence, and know that I am planning to shower you with many glorious photographs from our little trip! As for Barker, he says he will be fine here at home with his beloved Lawonia, our housesitter exraordinaire. You know that I shall miss him terribly!



Gerrie said...

Have lotsa fun and don't worry abut me, slaving away in my studio. Don't drop your iPhone in a swamp!!

Jeannie said...

Have tons of fun and play nicely! I hope you see all kinds of exotic birds for your list. Safe travels!

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Have a wonderful time!!!


Eva said...

This bird is amazing. The small solution if you can't keep a peacock. --
Wish you a great time in Florida.