Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Beautiful Day

In this household, we are overjoyed with President Obama's signing of the historic health care reform bill! It was a long time coming, but Obama did it!

I spotted my very first Bloodroot popping
up this morning....and I caught it in bloom
this afternoon as Barker and I walked back
from the mailbox! YAYYY! I usually don't
spot these until they are toast, so this is
another historic event!

Here is how it looked
when we returned
from our walk at
8:30 this morning.
Notice the rain/dew

I glimpsed these great shadows on the golf course this morning.

More Lenten Roses....and
more dew/raindrops

This is my favorite Camelia bush: Debutante.

See what I mean? Isn't she gorgeous!

I had time for a bit of lino cutting this afternoon. We were asked to carve a 2 1/2" block creating a repeat pattern.....please pardon the comic strip in the background!

The next lesson involved creating a monogram. I love my 'C' last name initial, so decided to plant my first and middle initials in the 'mouth' of the 'C'. Then I crazily carved some waves in the background.......get it: C in the sea?
I know: pretty bad, huh?

and last but not least, a picture of the pup in amidst the tree shadows. I had walked up to the mailbox and there he was waiting for me, next to a clump of daffodils. He's such a romantic!




Jeannie said...

Groan! Cin sea - LOL! Beautiful shadows that you captured. The camelia is gorgeous. I vow to find one that will live here this year. The bloodroot is blooming here and the bleeding heart is starting to come up. Don't you just love spring!!!

Beverly said...

Yes, we are happy campers here too. Love the shadow photos!

Gerrie said...

Oh, Barker! You are so elegant next to my sloppy dog!!

Joyce said...

We have had universal health care here since the mid 60s and I hope all Canadians appreciate what a blessing that is. There are no insurance companies between us and the doctor.
Your carving is coming along very nicely.

Eva said...

We have lived with a system similar as you will get it now. Everyone has to have some health insurance. If someone doesn't (like people who live in the streets), they are pitied as people who take an uncalculable risk.
It is a safer feeling.

I cannot quite follow the ideas of the Republicans about the health act being a danger to freedom.
You aren't free to chose your favourite color on the traffic lights and go, are you?

Elizabeth said...

YEs WE CAN and we have o keep up our staunch support and fight for all who are coming up for reelection in the Fall!!!! Happy DANCE TIME!!!!! Wasn't Pelosi stunning- I must say that I am a bit done with Mr STUPAK and I am supporting his Dem opponent!!! I love d Eva's comment about the color of traffic lights!! I laughed out load!!!!!
Your flowers are so happy to ahve had so much rain- it is going to be a fabulous spring!!!! love your repeat pattern carving!!!
Off for my walk! I can't take the dogs with me as I am still ahving shouldre problems. Kids do that job when they get home!!
Happy Hugs!

Eva Hagbjärn said...

I would have been overjoyed too if I was an American, and yes he did iy!!!
Your pics of the flowers are so beautiful. We have also some springflowers here now. The long and cold winter is gone and there's no snow left =))))
We had +17C degrees here today :)))