Sunday, March 07, 2010

More Shibori

I've had a fun-filled afternoon of cinching up threads on the crepe de chine that I hand-stitched in the evenings last week while we were on our birding trip. Last week I was so tired after full days out of doors, that several times I would nod off and wake up to find the silk and thread in my lap mid stitch!

This is the finished piece, dyed with Colorhue dyes. I'm really pleased with the outcome. The only thread that broke while gathering is the one in the upper right hand corner.

Here's a detail shot of the lower right circle.
I'm really enjoying my class with Glennis Dolce. She is a great teacher, and she is providing videos so that we can actually see her demo the techniques.

Yesterday afternoon I finished the binding on my Shibori piece from my calss at the Barn with Jan Myers Newbury. After sewing on the sleeve, I layed it across the back of the couch, with the backing fabric up, and then I noticed how lovely it looked......I just love the quilting on the back!

Time to take Barker for his evening walk!
Hope you've tied up some loose ends today too! It's a good feeling!!!!!



Gerrie said...

Tied up some loose ends - sort of. Spent the day jurying our next art quilt show and doing the final trim on the big quilt I am doing. I want to see the shibori piece all done!!

Gunilla Sundström Sweden said...

Congratulations Judy,
You did it ,fished your lovely quilt from the Barn.
I am still staring at my fabrics, the stripes and squares you know.I still do not know what to do with them. Yes I agree that the backside is also nice.

Joyce said...

The Shibori turned out beautifully. There is nothing quite as nice as silk to work with is there.

Elizabeth said...

Your quilted piece is stunning!!! I am working on setting up a Shibori workshop for our fiber arts guild! As I am in charge of workshops now I am going to MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! Mostly due to your inspiration!! I ahve to start small as so many of the oldsters in our guild are so reistent to anything other than intricate weaving patterns........ SIGH!!!

Eva said...

How lovely! The dyeing, the quilting... Great job!