Friday, April 23, 2010

Earth Day in Retrospect

The incredible azaleas outside my studio

It was a lazy day for the critters of this household:

I guess Barker likes the odor of his Master's running shoes!

Elsie prefers napping in the sun on our front walkway.

my preference was to finish a few more crazy potholders for family and friends.

here's their backsides, using some Shibori remnants from my class with Jan Myers Newbury:

Thank you Mother Nature, for this wonderful world.  May we all become better stewards of your bounty.



Eva said...

Lovely potholders! Have to make my own!
The color of the azaleas is out of this world.

Gerrie said...

Those are elegant potholders. Can they be used with a hot pot? Do you fill them with something other than batting?

Jeannie said...

Gorgeous azaleas! I miss having them here. I have a few sickly rhodies to remind me of the wet side. The pot holders are fantastic! Makes me want to go bake something! Have a fantastic weekend

Amanda said...

love the potholders. I took a class at Stitches south. It was great. Next year lets both go and room together . your new banner looks very good btw.

Rebekah Crown said...

Your potholders are so pretty! And your poodle is very cute. I wish my daughter had chosen a cute, non-shedding dog like that, it would keep me from picking the husky fur off of my work, all the time.