Monday, April 19, 2010

Late to the Dance and Other Tales

Since I'm a relatively new reader to Malka's blog, I wasn't there in time to sign up for her pot holder swap.  DRAT!  But I was really inspired by her pot holders and thought that making a few might kill several birds with one stone!

Not only would these guys provide me with gifts for family and friends, they would also reduce my stash AND possibly aid in what seems to be an ongoing cold spell in quilting creativity.  
I like this little guy!  Here's his backside

He was a lot of fun to create and I've learned a lot, so I'll be making more!

On the gardening front, my Baptisia are growing by leaps and bounds, considering they hadn't even broken ground a little over a week ago

can you see the buds?  They will be glorious in a week or two!  And don't you love their Spring greenery!

and look, here's my first Clematis, nestled in amongst my Eunymous:

I just love the colors!

Here's how I found my dye pots this morning

I rinsed everything out and hung them on the line to dry

it was another glorious Spring day here in Northeast Georgia

........................but what's this?????

these little guys seem to be attracted to my lighter fabrics.  I don't know what they are: they look like ticks but they're not, thank heavens!  Fortunately they don't spot the fabric, but they look gross and I don't like them!  Oh well: into each life.................!

I had a great afternoon in the dye studio, and hope to have lots of pictures to share tomorrow, so stay tuned!  Hope you had a great day too.



Jeannie said...

I love the Baptisia. Mine is slowing unfurling it's leaves. The bugs look like Japanese root weevils. Here they dine on rose leaves and rhodies. They are not my friends. Looking forward to tomorrow to see what the fabric looks like. I'd hate to use the potholders for fear that they'd get stained! Have a fun time tomorrow.

Elizabeth said...

Gorgeous Pothaolder Judy!! that is true kitchen artwork and I would hang it on the wall and keep using my yucky store bought holders for the hot lifting!!!!! Love the black and white check!!! I swear that the garden is unfurling so fast that one can hear it!!!! My hostas are changing moment by moment!! Your clematis is stunning amidst the lime green!!!!

Russ Little said...

Much to my horror I believe know what the insects are on your lovely yellow fabric. They look like stink bugs (don't ask me for genus and species, I'm no entomologist). They get their name from glands that emit a disgusting smell when they are frightened or squashed. They feed on fruit, which might explain their attracting to something with a lemony color. I'd never seen one until about 6 months ago. Don't let them get in your house--trust me on this. Yuck.

Love the pot holder!


Rayna said...

eeeew - reminds me of the damn ladybugs in my room at Campbell.

Potholder's great!

linda stokes said...

Cute pot holders and lovely purple clematis! You've been doing some fabulous batik - thanks for your comment on my small efforts.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Love your pot holders!!!