Thursday, June 10, 2010

This n That

So here is how I begin most mornings: painting color wheels.......don't laugh: they are gorgeous!

And when I'm done painting my wheel du jour, I make this:

or perhaps this:

I really am having the best time!  I pick out a favorite station on Pandora, and then paint away!  I'm learning a lot about color, and color mixing.....things that I hope will soon pay off!

The gardens are lovely this year, with so much rain last year and again this summer, what else could we expect?

My hydrangea garden is giving me much pleasure. The lovely specimen in the foreground is one that I moved with us from our last home.  Our daughter had rescued it as a table decoration at one of her high school banquets, and I stuck it in the ground, with a huge leap of faith.  When it bloomed, it reminded me of my Nana's hydrangeas, so when we moved, I had to move it too!

Here's one of it's gorgeous blossoms:

I was totally surprised by this lovely Calla Lily

I had planted it last year but totally forgot about it!  I didn't know that they would grow here, but I'm so happy to learn that they do.  

and my white Echinacea are thriving this summer

I'm knitting a sweater, for myself, using a pattern that my friend Diane has shared with me.  I've almost finished the back!

Dr. Sock is helping me add a little short will be lovely!

Barker has a new young friend.  He lives somewhere in the neighborhood, but we are unsure as to exactly where.  We call him 'Charley', but we're really not sure of his name either!  He is an adorable little guy: so expressive and loving.  He rarely walks the golf course with us, but when we return from our morning jaunts, he always greets us with sniffs and kisses.

We had a lovely boat ride and picnic with friends the other evening.  The sunset was particularly lovely, and so I'll leave you with this picture:

Thanks for dropping by for a visit.  
I hope your days are filled with joy and calm, and if not now, that they soon will be so.  



Carol said...

So good to see you here today. We've just planted hydrangeas that K started from cuttings and I hope they do as well as yours. I just love them. Great to see Barker with a new friend, every boy needs a chum. Gorgeous sunset. OOXX

connie said...

What wonderful photos. Spring has sprung in your world. I am still waiting....

Joyce said...

What better way to start the day than with color!

Jeannie said...

My hydrangeas are just starting to open, kind of like our summer. Charley is cute and I am sure he appreciates what a handsome guy Barker is. Love the sunset phto - beautiful. Have fun painting!

Angela said...

Well Judy, you are farther ahead than me. I have yet to paint a color wheel. But I have half of my research project done and I am working on designs. Still haven't started my series but I have done alot of contemplating!