Saturday, August 07, 2010

This n That

It seems that there are lots of babies incubating right now, in fact as some of you know, we are expecting our first grandchild in December.  So I thought I'd try my hand at dyeing a few onesies the other afternoon.  What fun!!!  The top set of blue ones are for my friend Karen's soon-to-be born grandson, Brewer.  The second two sets are for our grandbaby.  Our daughter and son-in-law have opted not to find out the gender in advance, so I thought I'd dye up some green/yellow things.  I hope they will meet with the approval of the parents!

I was invited to go baby furniture shopping today.  Boy, things have changed over the past thirty years!  K & D purchased a the baby's crib, night stand, and dresser; and I know that she, at least, is relieved to have those decisions behind her.  They chose wisely, and it was both fun and interesting to watch them discuss and reason things out.  Since they are both engineers, they came at it from a totally different perspective than I would!

It's peach time here in Georgia!  woohoo!!!

I told you about our share in our local CSA last week.  Here is how our basket arrived last Tuesday:

Anita always tries to include a small bouquet of flowers, along with a half dozen eggs, and whatever else is ready for picking in their lovely garden.  On the basket handle hangs a cute little chalk board which lists the contents...sometimes that can be very helpful.  We are enjoying the teeny tiny potatoes, red onions, peppers; not to mention the wonderful beans.  Ahhh: life is good!

My friend Diana posted a segment on her blog about her new hanging apparatus. It's really important to get a good view of your work in progress.  I've been frustrated by my inability to do this for quite some time, so was glad to see her method.  I adapted it to my situation, and this is what I've come up with:

C drilled three holes, screwed hooks in each and then he suspended an aluminum rod.  I've attached the clothes pins that have the hook on them to the fabric I'm working on, then suspended it all from the rod.  It works for me!  Thanks, Diana, for the inspiration!

Here's another look:

Hopefully you'll see some progress on this piece over the next few weeks!

And one last picture of our boy:

This was taken last night.  He had his monthly visit with the groomer today, so trust me: he is much more handsome now!



Jeannie said...

I love the fabric on you hanging rod. Just think in a few short months a beautiful grandbaby will be turning heads in those cute outfits!

Eva Hagbjärn said...

The baby outfits are looking nice, and I like the colors on them all anyhow ;-)
Who wouldn't like what you have done? I just wonder =)
I’m very happy for K & D, having their first baby. Do they have an exact date? Maybe it will be a Christmas gift :)
The food basket looks very tasty. We have small farm shops around here, and they use to have fresh vegetables and berries. They don't make nice baskets like these. Perhaps I should give them a hint =)))


connie said...

Congrats on being a grandma to be! How very exciting! I love the onesies. What a fun thing. The fabric is beautiful too, but I have to admit I really want the Peaches!!! I can smell them from the photo.......

Diana Parkes said...

Well done with your hanging arrangement Judy! So pleased that you have been able to adapt my idea to your situation. It certainly makes a big difference having work so viewable.

Carol said...

The onesies are very cute! The hanging looks so promising - and oh, the peaches - they look like summer to me. Love to the handsome boy from his Aussie fan club. Woof! OX

Lora Martin said...

Oh, Judy! Congrats on the upcoming grandbaby! You will love, love, love being a grandma! And such beautiful onesies for this child - no boring baby clothes!

Corryna Janssen said...

I just love the bleu fabric! Well done.