Sunday, January 09, 2011

Good Bye Dali & The Babysitters Club

We spent a wonderful few days in the city, with several goals: dinner out with friends at a new (to us) restaurant, bidding Dali a fond adieu at the High, and spending time with our adorable grandson!  All three goals were accomplished, plus, plus, plus!

It was imperative that I take time to view the Dali exhibit one last time, and really reflect upon "Persistence of Memory", one of my favorites.

I am always amazed at how small this piece really is, as so many of Dali's works are huge!  Apparently while he was working on this, he had a slab of Brie sitting on the counter, and its melting state caused him to 'drape' the time pieces.  Phenomenal!  When he showed Gala, his wife, the finished piece, she said that it would remain in the memory of those who viewed it forever, thus its name.

Friends invited us to dine at Amuse, a Midtown restaurant, on Friday night.  We always enjoy spending time with them, and this night was no exception.  The space was warm and inviting, the service was impeccable, and the food was yummy.  Two of us thoroughly enjoyed their mussels in a cream and white wine sauce, while the others raved about their Carolina trout and Hanger steak with frites.  MMMMMM: it was delightful

We were honored to be asked to spend Saturday afternoon and evening with Charlie, our grandson.  His Mom and Dad were going househunting and we were more than happy to serve as their back-ups!

I was even more honored to learn that I was only the second person to give my grandson a bottle, the first being his Dad!  As you can see, he was, as always, precious and slept most of the afternoon away! 

I have deemed these two the 'Babysitters Club'.  

Do you remember that book series?  Our daughter just loved it and we had to purchase each new book as soon as it was released.  Anyway, C and Barker really appear to be the most attentive babysitters, don't they?  LOL

Later that evening Charlie and Company enjoyed dinner out at Six Feet Under, and he was the model child!

I am spending time exploring various resist dyeing techniques through Lisa Kerpoe's Irresistable Texture dvd.  Hopefully I'll have photos to share with you permitting!

Dinner is served, so I must say good-bye!



Carol said...

Charlie is a really beautiful baby, you, C & Barker must have had such fun looking after him.

I just looked at Lisa's web site - those DVDs are sooo tempting, no wonder you're getting right into it. I. must. not. be. tempted. xx

Gerrie said...

I adore that photo of the attentive babysitters! What a beautiful boy.

Jeannie said...

I love the babysitter's club!Barker looks like he is enjoying it. Charlie is so beautiful. I have put the dvd on my list. LOL! So many techniques and ideas, so little time.

Anonymous said...

Great photo of C with a computer on top of a newspaper while he and Barker babysit. Was he multitasking or Googling something he'd read in the paper? Charlie is adorable. I hope K and D find a nice place to live. Keep us posted.