Wednesday, January 19, 2011

More Results

I had a fun day out today, beginning with a Yoga class at 9, followed by a short workout at the gym, lunch with my Mom, knitting with my girlfriends, and then finally home to wash out my batching silk.  I continue to follow along with Lisa Kerpoe's Irresistible Texture dvd, trying to use a new technique each day that I have studio time.  Yesterday was my first opportunity to work with potato dextrin, and I really enjoyed it.  

These first three shots are details of a larger piece that I stamped with potato dextrin.  I used various foam stamps, a found object or two, leaves from the yard, and some sequin waste.  They all worked well, although subtle, and gave me a great appreciation of the very soft nature of the results when using this product.

I also spread a layer of potato dextrin on another piece of silk, let it dry, crackled it, and then applied my dye.

Again, my results are very subtle, but I like them, and know that they will be useful at some point in my work.

I also dragged a grout tool across one piece of silk that had wet potato dextrin applied to it, let it dry, and then painted on the dyes.

Interesting results, but not what I was hoping for:  better to find this out now than when I'm working on a project!  I was also running low on dye, didn't want to take the time to mix anymore, so the colors are a bit drab, thus a less dramatic contrast with the resisted areas.

I am very fortunate to have two guy friends who are willing and very able to make wooden frames for me to use to make silkscreens!  One is a retired surgeon and the other is an engineer, so you know that their angles and measurements are precise!  So now I can have many screens to dedicate to different processes, such as flour paste resist and soy wax resist.  I made a soy wax resist screen a few days ago, and tried it out yesterday:

Here again, not exactly what I was hoping for, but I know how to improve it, and I will before I use it again.

Do you love trees in winter, when they have lost their leaves and really show their structure?  I think they are fascinating, and I've started to photograph them, and make mental notes of where my favorites are located so that I might return if need be, to photograph them once again. Hmmm: better write this stuff down before I forget! 

This is just the top of a mighty oak that sits in the front yard of our church's office building.  It caught my eye as I was leaving knitting this afternoon.  Of course the much welcomed and beautiful blue sky adds a lovely backdrop!



Diana Parkes said...

You have been busy Judy! Love the results... I haven't done potato dextrin for quite sometime now but I liked the results when I did.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Lovely blue sky. I haven't seen the sky for several days now, but tomorrow I think I'll take a break from my moving duties =)
Thanks for your comment at my blog!


Jeannie said...

I love the results you are getting. It sounds like you had a fun day. Here's wishing you more of the same. Cheers.

Carol said...

Wonderful colours and results. I love this stuff you're doing now. xox