Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Home Again, Home Again

We had a wonderful weekend in the big city, with lots going on and fantastic weather!  On Saturday night we enjoyed a really nice dinner at Abrigo, which recently opened just down the street from us.  I ordered their Sea Bass, which you can see above, and it was truly to die for!.  It turns out that the chef is from a coastal region of Mexico, so seafood is his specialty.  YUMMMM!  I know we'll be returning soon!

Barker took us on a lovely Spring day walk on Sunday, through some of our favorite neighborhoods.  We saw evidence of winter:

but also of Spring

I love pansies, and all of their colorful faces, don't you?

I am playing around with another piece, which I may call Vanishing Species.  Here is the first layer:

I've used my favorite grits resist on this piece of crepe de chine.  Here's a detail shot:

Last night when I got home I added this heron and a bit more dye

I think it's coming along.

Do you know what this is?  Leave a comment and tell me what you think.

There's nothing quite like spending a weekend with all of the favorite men in your life!  I'll leave you with the two who seem to enjoy being photographed!

I love that tee!



Gerrie said...

Looks like the shadow of some type of receptacle - perhaps a fancy city trash container?

Diana Parkes said...

I agree with Gerrie. Love that grin!

Carol said...

A shadow, don't know what but it's a lovely shape. Charlie's grin is gorgeous, he looks so happy. And Barker as usual looks handsome and thoughtful. xx

Molly Carpenter said...

I, like Gerrie, think the photo is the shadow of a trash can.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Well, before I saw all the comments here I, also, thought of the shadow of a wastebasket.
Little Charlie is gorgeous with his smile :)