Monday, February 07, 2011

This morning I tried to add my feather stencil to last week's grits resisted piece of silk.  I used potato dextrin, which I adore! (thanks Lisa Kerpoe!) and I screened over the feather stencil with a grout tool.  I also painted some stamps with the potato dextrin and added those.  Then I layered on a darker dye, let it batch for a few hours, and voila!

Can you see the faint outline of a bit of a fish in this next picture?

(its eye is at about 8:00).  I painted my fish stamp with the potato dextrin, applied it to the silk, and was disappointed because I couldn't see any evidence of the resist on the silk....but look: it's there!  So, I will use that stamp more!

This is one of my favorite Celtic stamps

while the details are not very clear, it still adds a bit of interest to the piece.

Wait till you see what I've done to it since I took these pics!!!  (I can't wait, I can tell you that!)

Friday night we had a ball babysitting for Charlie while his parents went out for a few hours to celebrate his Dad's birthday.  Charlie is now following with his eyes, smiling, really grabbing hold of things (including fingers and necklaces), and trying to talk to you when you talk to him!  It's loads of fun!  I was so busy playing that I forgot to take any pictures!!  YIKES!!  Oh, and the best part: he's sleeping through the night!!  I know that his parents are thrilled with that!

Saturday morning we 'endured' another splendid breakfast at our favorite Bakeshop:

I've become very fond of their apple turnovers.....and since it's fruit, what could be the problem???  I love, love, love their cafe au lait!

I also spent a good bit of time completing the squirrel motifs on my Squirrely Mittens

Let me tell you, these mittens are a labor of love!!  Charlie will probably graduate from high school before I finish them!!  LOL  But now that the squirrels are behind me and I only have to deal with snow flakes, this one should work up fast.  Problem is: I have two hands, so I'll have to knit another mitten, unless I want to trade off!



Jeannie said...

The mittens are so cute! I love your screens and prints, especially the feather. In our household, fruit pie is considered a fruit also. Have a fun filled week.

Carol said...

Love the squirrels! I also love apple turnovers. How nice to spend time with Charlie (and how nice that he's sleeping through the night.) I'm fascinated by your printing and the interesting things (resists?) you are using. Lovely results. xx

Joyce said...

Is there anything better than a baby grandchild? I think not. Ours are mostly in University now. I guess I'll have to wait for great grandchildren. Enjoy Charlie while he's little. They grow up way too fast.

Gerrie said...

You have me wishing for another grandbaby! It is so much fun enjoying their development and not being responsible for it!!