Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thumbs Up!!

Here is the thumb on my second squirrely mitten!  As you can see, I have picked up all of the stitches and am working my way up to the tip of my thumb.  If I get off of this computer, I may actually be able to finish it tonight - but then knitting a little thumb on four double-pointed needles with two strands of yarn gets a bit tedious!
Such a pitty that it is now Spring and can't wear these beauties till next Winter - but now I have something to look forward to when the cold weather approaches six or seven months from now!

Oh, and do you see our cute little Elsie Kitty Cat sneaking up in the background? She is so shy: she won't even come out for a camera!



Jeannie said...

Now, if it was me, I'd put a sticky note on the calendar to remind me where I stored my cute little squirrel mittens. Elsie is so pretty.

Carol said...

Elsie is beautiful. I can't tell you how clever I think you are for knitting mittens. I would never have an occasion for wearing them here but they so cute. oxo