Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday's Schedule

Tuesdays and Thursdays are my favorite days of the week.  I get to take Barker on a good long walk early in the morning, and then I play in the studio the remainder of the day.  Some may call me a hermit, but that is ok - I am happy!  I decided to play with my drip rag and see where I could take it.  Above is the finished piece, hanging in our foyer this evening.  I used acrylics, textile paints and lots and lots of found objects for stamping....did a bit of machine stitching, and also some burning.

Here's a detail shot of this piece, which I am calling "Tsunami":

I hope you like it as much as I do!

Also involved in my play day was the 'spring green' crepe de chine scarf I showed you yesterday.  I made a screen from a hibiscus drawing that I had done last week, and used it to embellish the scarf.  Here's a detail shot:

The hummer is from a screen that I first drew to use on Charlie's wallhanging.  It has come in handy!  This scarf is going to our church's preschool for their annual fundraiser, which just so happens to be on Friday.....so I'm not a moment too soon!

Hope your Tuesday was fun too!  Tell me what you did!



Gerrie said...

Both are gorgeous. I love the combo of red and spring green.

Diana Angus said...

Wowwww! (From San Antonio)

Jeannie said...

Your rag piece is kind of like "Where's Waldo" for surface designers! Hmmm, what did she use here, that looks like chain,..... Wonderful piece! I love the colors in the scarf. What did I do today? Errands, went to the nursery for some spring tease. Wasn't to be had. I bought some pansies and lily bulbs. Not too exciting - eh? Can't wait to see what you do Thursday!

Eva said...

The Tsunami cloth is really wonderful. The composition, the colors. Great success! You seem to be very creative at the moment.

Tuesday -- well, watching tv a lot, thinking of Japan...

Molly C said...

Funny you should ask. My Tuesday consisted of four events at the local University Extension and building a worm farm. The Extension events were watching a PBS film on Krakatoa, attending a committee meeting to plan for speakers for our learning-in-retirement group, opening the weekly meeting of that group (over a hundred people) and hearing a speaker on the economic situation in California, and the last was attending an advisory committee meeting for a paralegal program at Extension that evening. Between the last two events, I came home, dressed down, and worked on starting a worm farm for the grandosn, drilling holes in plastic tubs, tearing newspaper, gathering leaves, garbage and worms. It was a busy day but it didn't produce the beautiful produts yours did. Isn't retirement amazing?

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the wall hanging. It looks like a French impressionist painting of a flower arrangement in a blue and white vase. It reminded me of our visit to Fort Worth. The scarf is gorgeous, too. My Tuesday was spent getting a year older and receiving lots of calls and emails. I decided to remove my date of birth from my Facebook page! Oh, and I like what you and Molly call retirement. It sounds like too much work to me! I gave a one-hour conversation class. Period. xx Carroll

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Your new header looks nice, and also the tsunami piece.
Poor Japaneses!
I cleaned my car on the inside on Tuesday. Hadn't done that since we moved from our house in October, so it was really time for some refreshing.

Sorry that you couldn't comment at my blog! Don't know what's wrong =(

Anna said...

I agree with my mom on your header :)
Your Tuesday seems to have been a very creative day, also filled with harmony. I really love days like that, and, what came out of yours!!