Saturday, July 09, 2011

Friday night at Ecco and Saturday at the High

Last night we dined at my favorite Ecco.  They were highlighting a menu entitled "4 Days of Peas & Love" featuring veggies grown in their rooftop garden.  Did you know that they compost, garden organically on their roof, and serve their own delicious and fresh produce?  What's not to like about that?  We shared four plates: Crisp oyster mushrooms, garlic and smoked paprika; Cucumber gazpacho with trout roe and lemon balm (delish!); Grilled artichokes with smoked bacon and lemon mousseline (our favorite); and Green peanut fritters with dried shrimp, thai basil and sungold tomatoes.  What a delight!  When our waiter brought our check, he sweetened it a bit with two mini scoops of sorbet: cucumber and yogurt.  They were both fantastic!    

We spent a few hours at the High Museum today, and finally had an opportunity to view the Radcliffe Bailey exhibit.  Seeing his work up close and personal was really exciting and informative for me.  

"Windward Coast" was incredible.  I had seen photographs of this installation, but when I turned the corner and entered the room where this was located, I was shocked and amazed.  It is huge!  I asked the docent how this was received at the High and he said in crates.  He added that it took Mr. Bailey a week to assemble it.
I've showed you other favorite works of this artist, but I must reiterate that viewing the pieces in person really adds food for thought.  I loved it!

We also enjoyed the watercolors of John Marin, who was an inspiration for both Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning.  
Here is his The Red Sun, Brooklyn Bridge, painted in 1920.  

"Modern by Design", visiting from the MOMA, was the other exhibit that we were eager to see.  

This Malitte Lounge Furniture piece by Roberto Matta was one of my favorites.  

What a great concept, huh?

I also enjoyed the collection of hanging cotton prints by Noemi Raymond.

I apologize for the blurrines of this photo.  It is entitled "Squares Blobs and Speckles".  I want to learn more about her and her husband Antonin.

There was also a set of drinkware by Earl Tupper, the inventor of Tupperware.  Did you know there was an Earl Tupper?  I was inspired to read more about this DuPont chemist, Welcome Ware and Tupper's association with Brownie Wise, who originated the Tupperware Parties, so popular back in the 70's and 80's.

We lunched at Taqueria del Sol in downtown Decatur, and then I visited the nearby yarn shop,  Sheepish: great yarns, an excellent inventory, and friendly and helpful staff.



Gerrie said...

I need to research John Marin - love that painting.

Jeannie said...

Oh boy, more artists to look up and drool over. Speaking of drooling, your dinner sounded so good.

Carol said...

More interesting art - thank you for expanding my horizons.
I'm at the beach, so far the weather is good though cold and Basil seems to be coping with my presence instead of Suzy's. One week nearly down, three more to go.