Friday, August 19, 2011

Brand New Toy!

We've been away for a few days of R&R, seeking cooler temps in two of our favorite cities: Greenville, SC and Asheville, NC.  How lucky we are to have such wonderful destinations within easy driving distance!  We love to poke around in the artists' shops and studios in the Asheville area, and to sample the locally grown foods.  One day we drove up along the Blue Ridge Parkway, enjoying the brilliant yellow coneflowers and mauvey Joe Pye Weed.  Our destination was the Penland School of Craft.  What fun!  The gallery is chock full of the works of both students and teachers - and they are all so inspiring!  I was very taken by the works of both Anna Lisa Hedstrom and Noel Lynn Pepos.  Both had used a lot of silk or wool roving in their lovely silk scarves.  I decided it was high time that I made the investment in an Embellisher - and the Atlanta Sewing Center was more than happy to help me out with this!

This is a portion of my first 'practice' piece.  As my first try, I chose a piece of silk organza as my base fabric and some soy silk roving, both of which I had dyed several years ago, and I'm very pleased with the outcome.  The portion on the right has the soy silk roving sandwiched between two pieces of the organza.  The bluer area on the left, has only a small piece of organza covering a bit of the soy silk fusion.

Above I've needle felted some soy silk fusion, also made a long while back, to my organza.  I'm amazed at how easily that felted!  I love the wispy-ness of it.

Here is the entire length of organza - felted to within an inch of its life!  I apologize for the glare on the left side of the photo.   

Be assured, I'll be doing lots more of this!



Jeannie said...

Color my green with envy!!! First your trip and now a new toy! I have bounced back and forth about this. A friend and I talked about sharing one, but we are 2 hours apart. Have fun!!! I can't wait to see where this takes you. xoxo

Elizabeth said...

You are so on your way to addiction!!!! talk about instant gratification!!!!!!
let me know when you get Margo's Books!!

Elizabeth said...

Just had - we could meet for a wet felting Class at Penland- I have always wanted to go!!! Is it outrageously $$$$$$$?

Carol said...

Wow! I had 10 posts to catch up and and I feel light headed with all your activities and the fun you're having. Charley looks more handsome and gorgeous by the day, what a little charmer. And you're felting, dying, waxing - just amazing, you are Judy.

The Topp Twins are two of my favourite performers. I've been following them for many years and have DVDs and CDs but I think the movie you saw must be a new one. I'll check it out. I'm so pleased you enjoyed them - not to everyone's taste of course but I have great affection for them. Hugs to Barker xxoo

Angela said...

I love love love my embellisher and I am using it like crazy in my pieces for the program. I just finished a background piece today. Have fun with it.

essay writing said...

Thanks for the article. Very interesting.

diane said...

This is way beautiful, Judy -- are you sure these are the beginning samples? Which embellisher do you get/recommend? There may be one in my future!

xo, D

Diane said...

Time to "learn" nuno felting??