Monday, September 12, 2011

Color Addiction

Is there such a thing as color addiction?  Honestly, I do not know.  I googled the term and got so many links to others who claim they are addicted to color: some to hair color, some to fingernail color, etc.  Strangely, there was even a site where you could download mandalas that you could color so as to calm yourself!  I'm not talking about that kind of color!  I'm not talkin' color to soothe me, but rather to jazz me even more than a cup of my friend Bobbie's yummy espresso.  I honestly believe that my exposure to bright color releases beta endorphins in my system.  When I'm in my 'normal routine' (which isn't now, by the way),as soon as I finish breakfast and grab my coffee,  I visit blogs and websites where 
I'm immersed in loads of screaming bright colors.  Do you do that???  I used to think I went there to visit friends and learn techniques, but I've come to realize it's to feed my addiction for color!  OK, so fess up: are you addicted to color as well?  I've recently cut waaaay back on my caffeine consumption, and I wonder if I'm now doubling up on my color in order to keep my system happy.  What do you think????

So, pictured above you see the silk gauze that I dyed a couple of weeks ago as a table runner for my dining room table - to accompany the new pottery bowl I purchased in Asheville.  Well, it has taken a turn.  Not sure where it's going, but right now it's telling me that it wants to be a scarf - a long, sexy, and incredibly colorful scarf.  I've been needle felting the dear dickens out of it, and I love how it looks!  

I dyed some very long and narrow strips of silk gauze in the three colors that I originally dyed the runner/scarf in, and I've been beating them into submission into the larger piece of silk.  I love it!!!  I showed the piece to my friend Margaret last night, and she said she thought it could be a wall hanging or even an elegant dress.  It really is quite striking.  I'll try to get more pictures of it tomorrow.

We had our church dinner group here last night for dinner, so I spent the past week hyperventilating about that!  LOL  Do you stress about entertaining?  I wish I didn't.  When folks arrive, I relax and enjoy it all - to the point of getting dinner on the table late - but then everything is ok.  I will be the first to admit that I'm not fit to live with the week before we entertain.  ugh

My goal, during this dinner party, was to serve the healthiest food possible, in contrast to the brisket of beef that C was smoking.  Our guests loved the menu, and one even called today to ask for a recipe.  Below is the colorful Edamame Salad that I love so much.  Thanks to our daughter Kristin for sharing it with me!

Here again, even the vegetables must be BRIGHT in order to make me happy!

We were at Costco the other day and they had lovely roses for sale.  C wanted to buy me a bouquet, but I demurred - and then I saw this lovely arrangement -

more color!!!  I can't get enough of it!!!

Our little Charlie had a busy weekend with his folks.  They love to be outdoors participating in whatever sport they can find.  For the past week they have been working with Charlie to get him used to his little bicycle helmet.  They took him for his first ride on Saturday, and then did a longer ride yesterday.  Here he is taking a break with his Mommy.

You can read more about it on Charlie's blog.

Speaking of Charlie, don't tell him, but I've finished another sweater for him (winter is coming, you know!)

It's not a great picture, but maybe I'll have one soon of him wearing it!  Granted, with my color addiction, I could probably do better with the button and the drawstring.  Any suggestions???

OK, so please tell me what you think about color addictions.  I want to hear it - I feel like I'm suffering, but no longer in silence!!  (Thank you Blogger!)



Jeannie said...

You are not alone. I think that is why I like dyeing fabric. The excitement of watching the color soak in and flow into each other and change makes my day. I notice that I really crave color in the late winter. Christmas is over and there is just neutral color - no pops or zings. That is when I purchase the wildest colored yarns and fabrics. Speaking of yarn, that blue in Charlie's sweater is gorgeous. As is the table runner/scarf/shawl/dress that you are needle felting. I just love the colors. Judy's coat of many colors?

Diane D. said...

I can't say I go scouring around the net for color, but I do think I'm addicted to it. I don't quite understand it, but I know that color makes me happy!

Eva Hagbjärn said...

I'm not addicted to colors, but I like colors ;-)
What a lovely picture of Charlie and his Mom.


Carole Meisenhelter said...

Hi Judy! Yes I love COLOUR too. Even though I may not work with the art-forms I subscribe to; I totally enjoy watching over many blogs for the inspiration and lift they give me, with vivid, intense immersions of colour. It does do something good for you. Will enjoy exploring your blog now...."first time caller"

Karoda said...

Judy, while reading this I kept thinking maybe artist shouldn't try to diagnose ourselves but then again, I think your addiction is a safe unless you start throwing paint on the floor and rolling around in it in the

Love Charlie's sweater!

Elizabeth said...

Absolutely I am color addicted and proud of it!!! Not a bit shy either, have you noticed!! Must ahve color and sunlight and a bit of coffee to keep this momma happy!! Sunprints are doing it these days for me and MY rust prints are selling on ETSY!!!! So exciting!! your scarf is stunning!! I have never needle felted with silk gauze as I was really afraid that the needles would rip it to shreds! See you are teaching me something about felting!!!
Go with orange on the button and tie on Charlies wonderful sweater- it will make the blue sing!!! What a doll he is!!!