Friday, September 23, 2011

It's a Give-Away!

Aside from my dear husband, my adorable grandson, my sweet daughter and son-in-law, and of course I won't leave out my handsome Barker, (oh, and you, Faithful Reader!) the other object of my affection these days is my
I cannot keep it a secret for another moment!  
So, here's the deal:  I'm feeling very generous and have decided to do a Give-Away!
All you have to do is: (1)leave a comment about why you want one of these incredible 
Gelli Printing Plates
AND (2) (you knew there'd be a catch here, didn't you!)
list yourself as a follower on my blog (over there to the right ->).
Then you'll be included in the drawing.
You have a week to do this: until 5:00 PM ET September 30th.
I will announce the lucky winner on Saturday October 1st.

The second and last monoprints were done using white acrylic paint on black Lutradur.  I love how they turned out, and can't wait to do more.  The leaves in the second print are from Kudzu - I do live in the South, you know!

OK - so leave a comment and sign up as a Follower and you're good to go!



Gerrie said...

Where did you get black lutradur - I must know.

komodori said...

It reminds me of all sorts of diverse things: early abstract photography; cyanotypes; viney Cocteau drawings; 1940's Dorothy Draper fabric; yet it is loose and informal; edgy; has wonderful textures and subtle coloring, not at all just black and white. It seems almost on the verge of animation. I really want to to see it in person, up close. It is so exciting! I am in awe.

Terry said...

OK, done! I am now a follower, even though I read you through google reader every time you post. See, that is how much I want one of those jelli plates, and because I still have the box of gelatin up in the cupboard purchased more than a year ago and never made into a printing plate and it probably never will be!

Ginny Huber said...

OK, I'm in! How could i not be!! When I saw the results of the Gelli print plates yesterday i think it was, I was in love; I'm always looking for new ways to add layers of surface design, color, of course, texture..always to my felting and nuno felting. Would love to be able to ump right into using one of these glorious plates! And, am already a follower of your inspirations and experiemnts here, Judy!SOmehow, have not ventured into printing and would love to! What a lovely giveaway!

Jeannie said...

To coin the classic bar pick up line - "I'll follow you anywhere". :) I love the prints you are making with the gelli prints. Amazing detail! Like Terry, I have a box of gelatin, but who thinks ahead? Not me!!! To be able to print on a whim would be fantastic! You are a Georgia Peach!!!

Meg in Albuquerque said...

You do some of the most beautiful work, i've had gelli plate envy for awhile, but I haven't been able to find any in stock. I win, I have 5 boxes of gelatin. I can't always find them, so..., now if I can only find something to make the plate in, not too big, not too small, but just right! See why I need to win?

I already follow in reader, but i'll become a follower also.

Beverly said...

Here I am, another regular reader who will now be a follower. I've loved watching what you've done with the gelli plate, it does look like lots of fun. Have you used thickened dyes with it at allo?

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Nice gesture from you, and the plate looks fun too.
I've been your follower for a long time. One of the first I think.
Please do not include me in the drawing!
Kram from 'cousin' Eva

Eva Mari said...

Love the possibility of getting my hands on one but aside from that I loved your prints! Any chance of a tutorial? Pretty please?
I have never used lutrador, - about time I guess..
I have actually used both powdered and in sheets gelatin but having this ready all the time would be awesome!

I live in Norway btw and came here through JelliArts Facebook-thingy.

Best regards from Eva Mari :)

Nancy Kelley said...

Beautiful work Judy! Absolutely love your post about our Gelli Arts gel plate. You have demonstrated the flexibility and convenience of the plate beautifully with your creations.... thanks for all your support! How about I match your giveaway with one of my own directly from Gelli Arts!! Go ahead and select two names from the drawing and I'll ship one out myself - just forward the address to :)
Best regards,
All of us at Gelli Arts!
Nancy, Joan and Lou

ps - I reposted your blog post on our facebook page -

Caroline said...

wow! Love your blog!!... got here via a link Gelli Arts posted on their FB page about your blog. I would love to have a Gelli plate so I can create my own cool papers to use in my scrapbooking and stamping. Thank you for a fun give away! I'm doing some blog candy right now too, but it's not as fun as this gelli print plate. Great idea you had!

Barbara said...

Oooo your art work is always beautiful and I would love to have a piece to hang in my home. The gelli plate is so interesting. i was curious and had to go back and find out more. It reminds me of the gelatin prints I created a couple of years ago. Very cool. Happy printing!


marshaleith said...

Number 1 done!
Why would I want a Gelli printing plate?? I have seen these for a few months and almost took a gelatin printing class in August. Seeing your work with the leaves makes me want one even more! I do alot of sunprinting with leaves and these 2 techniques would be fabulous together....

Cathy Bargar said...

OK, Judy, count me in for the gelliplate giveaway! Actually, I already have one but of course wouod love to have another, because just think how much more fun I could have with 2 going at once (er, I mean how much more efficient & productive...)!

Elizabeth said...

I am very curious to see how well they crack up and dstress as that is what i truely love about mono prints on gleatin!!!

Ann said...

Well, I've really not been interested in having one UNTIL I saw what Judy has been doing with hers.

Now I can't wait to try one!!

Margaret said...

very cool on the black Lutradur. Looks like an old B&W negative, need to try that.

Connie Rose said...

Yes, please! Haven't done any gel printing since I first did it with real gelatin, like 4 years ago! xo

Judy said...

I have been dyeing fabric a lot and this would add great accent to my dyed pieces. And to not have to make gelatin up, and wait for it to set...!

Nikki Soppelsa said...

Hi Judy!
I just read about this printing plate via a Facebook friend and have found myself on a little journey in learning about it that brought me to your site.
I am a collagiste/mail artist and am always interested in paper/color/patterns. Sometimes I utilize watercolor washes to incorporate into my mailart/collages. I've always wanted to try monoprinting ... am seeing it now as backgrounds for what I do.
Love the leaves (love leaves too!).

Following you and perhaps you'll reciprocate!

Thx...Nikki S.

gatheredthreads said...

Wonderful! I follow you on google reader.