Sunday, November 13, 2011

Beach Prints

We arrived at the beach yesterday afternoon,
and have been taking as many beach walks as possible.
The kind folks from Gelli Arts
sent me a new, larger plate to try
and I couldn't wait to use it.
This morning we picked a few sea oats and other interesting objects.
I spent a blissful hour printing this afternoon.

I snapped this shot of Charlie and his Mommy last evening.
We were at this same beach six months ago -
I think he's enjoying it lots more this time!



Jeannie said...

Love the prints! The first one I thought you had found a bunch of tulips! Glad to see everyone has smiling faces. Have fun!

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Lovely pics of the kids, as always!
Where is the beach located?
Have fun!!!

Connie Rose said...

Great prints!

Ineke said...

I love those prints very much!!

Anonymous said...

Great photos, Judy! Have fun at the beach. We're leaving for Los Cabos in a couple of hours, so we'll be at the beach, too. Love to everybody!
xxoo Carroll

Elizabeth said...

Oh Have a wonderful time!! Funny, I have been thinking of doing gel prints lately~! love the sea oats prints!!!! Kristin and Charlie look so wonderful and happy!!