Saturday, February 11, 2012

Baby, It's Cold!!!

I had to check my gps to make sure I was still in Georgia!
It is bitterly cold here!
And to add to the bite, it is very windy!
I've heard that the wind chill will be 9-10
later this evening.
I can hardly wait to walk the boys down Peachtree!

Above is the cowl that I'm presently knitting.
It's called the Eleanor cowl and you can see
finished photos and the pattern here.

I find lace knitting a challenge
and I want to conquer it!
So I thought a cowl would be a good way to start.
The yarn is delicious: 
a silk/merino blend from Sundara.
It is so soft, and of course I love the color!

Here's a detail shot:

It's been a busy day:
a long walk with the boys this morning 
before the wind picked up
and blew all the cold air in from Canada;
a delicious lunch at Doc Chey's

(I enjoyed the Garlic Eggplant Stirfry
Not only was it art on a plate,
but it was so tasty!);
 and tickets to see Tom Key and Jimi Kocina
in RED,
a wonderful play about artist Mark Rothko.
Do go see it if you are in the area -
it has been extended through March 11th.

Happy Weekend!
Stay Warm!!


1 comment:

Lisa Kerpoe said...

Beautiful yarn! And the pattern is nice, too. I discovered cowls this year and I love them. They are quick to knit and keep my neck warm. Now I don't have to wait until spring to get a haircut!