Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Needle Felting

I've been thinking about adding tiny wisps 
of fiber to some of my art work.
I do have a wonderful embellishing machine,
but the thought struck me that
using it would be overkill
for the desired effect,
and I also might just get carried away
and do too much embellishing.

So I purchased this handy little needle felting tool
and tried it out on some chiffon.
To the left of the tool is a bit of wool roving.

Now to the left is a bit of my hand-dyed silk chiffon.
I love how much control I have when I use this little tool.
And I think the wispy effect is great -
just what I wanted to achieve!

Above I've added some wool curls.
I had to thin them down so as not to break the needles in the tool.
But they turned out to be very delicate as well.

The last bit that I felted into the chiffon is a piece of sari silk.
I was afraid it would be too sturdy to work,
but it behaved beautifully.

I think this little gadget is a good tool
for future use.



Lisa Kerpoe said...

Beautiful! I love the needle felting tool! I feel that I have a lot more control than with the embellisher. It's also great without roving, just to create texture on the cloth.

Jeannie said...

As Lisa and you said, it is a great little tool. I felted 6 wool pillows with that little tool and it did not disappoint. I also used silk ribbon and it worked fine. I am wondering which piece your are adding wisps o'wool to. xo

Angela said...

they also make a 3 needle tool that you hold like a pen. you can felt finer lines with it. Of course you can also use single needles. i do that sometimes to tack the fiber down in place before I use my machine. Trust me, I use them all.