Monday, February 06, 2012

On Trial

I am having a great time working on my third series piece.
Above is one of the three runners-up
(actually it is the second trial piece, but I like it enough
that I am considering it as a finalist).

The rectangles in the first photo were screened onto the silk.
The ones above, which I can barely discern on my monitor,
are made from painted organdy.
(please disregard the circle on the lower left side -
it is floss I had dyed as a trial)
Here is a detail shot

I like the organdy because it allows you to see the printed motif underneath it.
That said, I thought the organdy needed to be darker,
so I dyed another piece:

I like this one much more -
how about  you?
I am toying with the idea of loosely stitching the rectangles to the silk,
rather than fusing them.
I like the dimension and added texture.
Needle-felting is another option,
but I would lose the translucency of the organdy.
What to do, what to do!!

And there is yet another piece in the works!!

Life is exciting around here!

Today is our son-in-law's birthday -
Happy Birthday Dave!!!
He is, hands down, the best Daddy ever!!
Of course, we're not prejudiced or anything like that.

We are redoing all of the electricity in the building
in which my studio is housed.
This means running an entire line from our existing box - 
a big deal.
So, I am committing the remainder of my years
 to surface design.
There's no turning back now.
Mike, our wonderful electrician, was here most of today,
working hard to prepare for the new line.

We hosted our church dinner group yesterday.

Of course I just had to serve more smoked salmon for hors d'oeuvres.
There were a few other munchies and then
two soups for entree:
Golden Lentil with Ham for the carnivores
Tomato with Rice for the vegetarians.
I also made an arugula salad with
roasted beats, goat cheese and
Champagne Vinaigrette.

Dessert was a homemade chocolate chip pecan pie
with butter pecan ice cream.



Gerrie said...

Yes, the third with the darker organza - nice.

Jeannie said...

Yes, the darker organdy. Perhaps a nice feather stitch to anchor it and add another texture.
Happy Birthday, David!!!
Your dinner sounds divine! Especially the salad, mmmmmm-good!

Ineke said...

I also choose the third one.
Love the menu!

Elizabeth said...

Stitch the darker organza so it is not totally glued down as it would be with felting or fusing!! that is my 2 cents!! Dinner sounds divine!! go Surface Design!! I just had some fun with my embellisher on my largest art quilt ever- got to visit my blog to see!! :)

Rayna said...

You are superwoman! Can you come and cater for me?

Carol said...

Beautiful fabrics (and just to be difficult I think I like the lighter one best), and really yummy food. As a non meat eater I love to see what you do for the non carnivores. Dessert to dream over!

diane said...

I love your masterpieces -- both on the wall AND the table. You rock!!!