Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Trials and Errors

I'm spending a lot of time
finalizing my classwork for the
Art Cloth Mastery 2010 Class.
So many loose ends
slowly being tied.

Yesterday I packed up and sent
 six pieces
via FedEx
to San Antonio.
It felt like I was sending
six children away to summer camp
for the very first time.
They should arrive there tomorrow - 
fingers crossed.

I'm now working on our labels for our show
and also
our blog!
Lots of 'paperwork'.

In the meantime,
I try to spend a little time in the studio each day.

I've overdyed two little pieces of fabric from the turquoise -
trying to figure out what that silk wants to be
when it grows up!

Spring has arrived for sure -
it's sunny and in the seventies here today.
We are smoking salmon and grilling eggplant for dinner!



komodori said...

This piece has so many wonderful things going on. I love watching your work distill and then explode into another dimension I never expected. <3

Gerrie said...

I wish I could see these in person. Did you get the news about Diane Sandlin. I have been sitting on it for a week and wanted to let you know.

Jeannie said...

I love the purple/red combo up top. When is the blog going live? Like Gerrie, I really wish I could be in San Antonio to cheer you on. xo