Thursday, April 19, 2012

Button, Button

I am very fortunate to have 
an extremely generous and thoughtful internet friend.
She gifts me with the most incredible treasures -
MOP buttons are just one example.
Thanks to Jeannie, I have quite a collection!

I'm almost finished knitting a cute little cotton sweater
for myself for the summer
and it calls for four buttons to go down the front.
What better than vintage MOP???

I've decided NOT to match them -
that just adds more interest, don't you think?
I'm hoping to get them sewn on in the next day or two,
so that I can knit the one remaining button band on the other side -
with the buttonholes.

Thanks for the wonderful buttons, Jeannie!

We had three inches of rain the other day.
You can see a bit of the drops on my Peace rose.
She is the first to bloom in my garden this Spring.
You may recall that I moved her a couple of years ago.
I was nervous about doing it, but my friend Elizabeth
walked me through the steps.
Now, I am reaping the rewards:
big and beautiful blooms on Peace!
Thanks Elizabeth!

We were greeted with fantastic images on our golf course walk this morning:

the turf is saturated from all of the rain,
and when the tractors cross the cart paths, 
they leave fabulous designs!

The groundskeepers must think me very strange:
stopping and snapping pictures of the pavement
with my iPhone!
Oh well!

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Gerrie said...

That rose is gorgeous.

Teodo said...

Do you collect buttons?

Your studies for the designs are very interesting.
ciao and enjoy your weekend

diane said...

The sweater is lovely and those buttons are just the thing. The tire treads are fabulous -- I know I get strange looks when photographing the cracks in pavement and the tar repairs on the street. Oh well. . . .

Elizabeth said...

MOP buttons another one of my favorite things!! Terrific on your sweater and love to NOT match them!! We are getting some of that rain right now- thanks for sending it along- we are desperate for it!!! Peace is glorious- amazing what egg shells banana peels and coffee grounds can do!!!!