Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Flour Paste Resist

I'm pretty smitten with flour paste resist.
I can purchase very affordable flour at the grocery store,
the recipe is easy,
and the results are great!

This is the beginning of a silk charmeuse scarf.
I had hoped to accomplish at least one more layer on it today
we are having the exterior of our house painted
I have been tasked with pruning all of my beloved shrubs
away from the walls.

I'm counting my blessings:
it's cool and dry here right now,
my Mastery Class is over so I have some time,
I love being out in the garden.



Eva Hagbjärn said...

I hope the painting on your house will be well done and soon over with.
Perhaps we will get a before and after picture? =)
The pattern on your scarf looks right now like snow or ice on water.
Waiting for the final result there too.


Diana Angus said...


I love your work, you know that. I have just discovered the wonders of flour paste resist, too! It is such a relief to get good results on large pieces of silk noil. I prefer this to wax resist. I have not tried the sgraffito effect.

You are getting beautiful results.

Oh, and don't worry too much about your pruning; it will all come back as beautiful as before.



Carol said...

Eva is right, it does look like snow or ice on water. From my very limited knowledge of such things, of course. I love pruning, and I like to be the one who does it, so it gets done MY way. Then I can't complain...