Monday, April 16, 2012


A very good part of today was spent
preparing to overdye
silk swatches.
I completed the preliminary dyeing of 15 hues,
cut and labeled 15+ swatches,
and will overdye them tomorrow.
While enrolled in Jane Dunnewold's Mastery Class,
we dyed analogous and complementary hues in her studio,
 but I never had time to do the full range of overdyeing
on my own,
so I am looking forward to this.
The process is tedious, but the results will be so interesting and helpful.
Besides, any day in the studio is a good day!



Lisa Kerpoe said...

These kinds of studies are time consuming, but they are so worth it! One summer I dyed fabric in every color of dye in my studio, then overdyed it with every other color. That was a chore, but I came up with some great color combinations!

Carol said...

I can't see myself ever having the patience to do this but they do make a very pretty photo.