Monday, May 28, 2012

A Happy Holiday

We had the very best weather for our Memorial Day Holiday weekend!
Our daughter, son-in-law, and grandson spent three nights with us -
and we had a most enjoyable time.
Hours on end were spent in the pool.

Charlie turned eighteen months on Sunday,
and now really enjoys playing in the pool.
He begins swimming lessons tomorrow,
and I think he is ready,
as he loves the water!

I had saved a lot of recipes that I wanted to try out on our company,
including these yummy 'flatbread pizzas':

the one above is mine,
this one was my son-in-law's creation:

you can find the recipe here.
The nice thing about these is that you can prepare the flatbread dough
and then everyone can top their own with whatever they like.
Since I don't each meat,
the mushrooms, spinach and fontina cheese were right up my alley!

Our company arrived on Friday afternoon,
and after a dip in the pool
we enjoyed some yummy Shrimp and Grits.
It's such a popular dish these days,
but I'm not always fond of the versions I've had out in restaurants.
Of course, the very best I've ever tasted was at Pawley's Island, SC!
I found a fabulous recipe on the Food Network.
Go here.
You may say that grits take too long to prepare, 
but I made them before our company arrived
and then reheated them,
thinning them down with milk.
And please don't use instant grits!
Those are awful,
unless you are using them as resist when you are dyeing!

Another fantastic food discovery was
Overnight Creme Brûlée French Toast,
which I learned about
courtesy of the Knitmore Girls podcast.
They found it here.
I made that right before I made the grits,
and it was easy as could be.
We ate half of it on Saturday morning
and the other half this morning.

I also made an interesting version of
Macaroni and Cheese for lunch yesterday.
My dear son-in-law adores Mac & Cheese
and this one passed his test,
so you know it must be good!
I've posted the recipe here.

Don't tell anyone, 
but I also managed to squeeze in a bit of studio time
I'll post more about that in the next day or two!

Lastly, my hydrangeas are blooming!

above: a lacecap detail



Jeannie said...

Charlie looks so cool in his shades and swim trunks! I know better than to read your blog if I am hungry! LOL! I wish I had seen the pizza before I went to the store. Grits, I don't know, they don't serve them up here in the great Northwest and I never had them when I was in your area. Hope your week is happy!

Carol said...

Charlie, food & flowers! What a lovely post. Doesn't Charlie look wonderful!