Monday, May 07, 2012

Play Time

using the Percolator app

the before photo

using Frame Magic

I'm having fun playing with a few photo apps
that my friend Carol has written about 
on her blog.

Since I have been, and am going to be, away from my studio
for a few weeks,
this is a way to be a bit creative
while in the car.
When the road surfaces aren't very smooth,
it's a challenge to draw Zentangles.
One can only knit for so many miles,
and I'd prefer not to spend my life playing games on my iPhone,
sooooooooo, these apps are great!
Plus, my dh has graciously uploaded them to his iPad -
so I have an even larger arena for entertainment!

this lovely Jack-in-the-Pulpit became

this when I played with it in Tiny Planets

This was enhanced in Elements

as were these

I played with the mushrooms

in Percolator

and here is one last shot from Frame Magic

I'm not sure how to remove the numbers
from the frames,
but I'm sure Carol can tell me!

Hours and hours of endless fun!!



Quilt or Dye said...

Have fun on your trip. These apps look like real fun!

Jeannie said...

I took photos of my Jack in the pulpit yesterday. I love the effects you got in Tiny Planets and Elements. The one almost looks like a woodblock print. Safe travels!

Judy said...
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Carol said...

So lovely Judy, you're right about the hours of endless fun. I've just opened Frame Magic, put three photos in the same alignment as yours and mine don't have numbers. At any time in the process! Mystery there which I'll have to think about. xox