Saturday, June 23, 2012


Today was a marvelous day!
We slept in until 7:45
(even Barker & Bosco didn't get up early!),
had a great walk,
enjoyed Starbucks' coffee with our al fresco breakfast,
and then had an art date at the High Museum.
Oh, and yes: there was a bit of knitting!!
Above is the beginning of the lace work on my Brother Amos Hellfire Lace sock.
I've decided to step it down and use a smaller needle,
so I've stopped working on it until I get home to my needle stash.
So instead I've been working on my new Kellswater sock:

although the pattern shows a bit better with this yarn,
I think a solid color would due it even more justice.
While I knit, I was watching surface design videos 
that have been mounting up.
It felt very decadent!

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the High Museum.
The new exhibit features many of the works of Hale Woodruff,
an Atlanta-based muralist of the mid 1900s.
Mr. Woodruff honed his skills in many places
including Paris in the 20's and 30's,
and in Mexico under Diego Rivera.
He was commissioned to paint works for Alabama's Talladega College,
and his murals are also installed at Clark Atlanta University.
They are symbols of the long and painful struggles of the civil rights movement.
His use of color and line is exciting.
I particularly enjoyed his linocuts,
and cannot even begin to imagine the patience it required
to produce them.

I wanted to see the new Richard Misrach 
"Revisiting the South, Cancer Alley" exhibit.
It was very moving.
We had visited that area of Louisiana about twenty years ago,
and Misrach confirmed my feelings about pollution and petro chemicals.

'Picturing the South' and 'Picturing New York' are also fantastic exhibits.
The High always has great shows, and we stay far longer than we intend,
but that is a good thing! 

Tonight we enjoyed a wonderful dinner at
Sun In My Belly in Kirkwood.
This restaurant prides itself in using local produce
and features many vegetarian offerings.
We began by sharing an arugula salad with apples,
pecans, blue cheese crumbles, dressed in
champagne vinaigrette.
I ordered mussels in a spicy coconut milk sauce,
and C had stir fried vegetables with quinoa and tofu.
We split both entrees -
and they were spectacular.

Hope your weekend is starting off well
and you've had time to chill!



Jeannie said...

I love the name of the restaurant! ur local favorite serves a similar salad and I have been know to have cravings for it - yum! I love the block prints. How intricate, the details are amazing. Your day sounds like it was divine and I hope your Sunday was as well. xo

Lisa Kerpoe said...

Sounds like a great day! Those woodcuts are amazing! I'm always amazed that people have the ability to create such detailed images. My talents definitely fall along different lines!

Eva said...

Making woodcuts or linocuts is fun. And it doesnt take as much time as it looks, if you have a routine, it is almost as fast as painting.