Thursday, June 21, 2012


We began phase two of our VBS project yesterday,
and these two guys were really enjoying it!
After the paper mache dried, 
the balloons were popped, 
 the constellations were marked,
and the star holes were punched.
Each child receives a battery-operated glow light.
They have really enjoyed this project!

This young cherub decide she wanted to wear her globe -
quite the balancing act!

She was quite the trendsetter!

It has been a wonderful week,
and I am so glad that I volunteered to help out
with VBS.
I wouldn't miss this crowd for the world!!!

I've gone to the gym each afternoon 
right after VBS -
if given the chance, I'd not go,
but it's one of those things that I must do.
Yesterday I went to knitting after the gym.
I love my little group of friends,
and it's always good to catch up on things with them.
I had bound off this sock last week.
It was knit toe-up,
and I bound off too tightly.  ;-(
Dr. Sock bailed me out,
once again,
and I bound off again this afternoon.

It's a beautiful pattern.
I'll try to remember to post a photo of the whole thing tomorrow,
plus a link to the pattern.



Jeannie said...

What! No photo of you balancing your globe on your head?!! Love all the smiling faces. They look like they really had fun. Love the socks!

Jane LaFazio said...

teaching kids is pretty darn satisfying isn't it?